Danmaku Unlimited

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): N/A
Platform: iOS
Developer: Sunny Tam Genre: Shooter

Release History

Danmaku Unlimited Sunny TamNorth America12th May 2011App Store
Danmaku Unlimited Sunny TamEurope12th May 2011App Store

Game Overview

Danmaku Unlimited is a shooter game developed by Sunny Tam and released on iOS. Set in the not so distant future, Danmaku Unlimited places you in a world that is gripped by destruction, caused by the will of nature to cleanse the earth of mankind that for long has been abusing her gifts. The manifestation of her wrath comes in the form of six goddesses, or Valkyrias. As beautiful as they are deadly, they wield the power to transform and re-purpose man's creation to their cause.

As humanity crumple against nature's righteous onslaught, will you, the only Valkyria that still sees hope in mankind, fight to give humans a second chance? Or will humanity receive the judgement it so deserves?