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The silver dragons are attacking! The fire, ice and lightning dragons must team up in a joint effort if they want to stop the silver dragons advance.

Dragon War Features:

- Play: Play as either a fire, ice or lightning dragon as you fight against the attacking silver dragons. Shoot dragon breath and use dragon power ups to defeat the silver dragons and rack up the highest score possible.

- High Scores: Saves your top three high scores.

- How To Play: Describes the enhancements the different power ups give you.

- Settings: Choose between playing in touch mode or tilt mode

- Bonus: A mode of game play harder than any setting offered in normal play mode. If your combined top three high scores are greater than or equal to 300,000 you will unlock the bonus mode.

This game is designed for people of all ages and skill sets. It starts off at a moderate pace and increases to a level of play that will accommodate each individual’s ability.

Comments, feedback, and suggestions are always appreciated.

source : itunes.apple.com

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