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Tip for level 37!!!
Shoot the first shot and hit the wall. Then, quickly click END LEVEL while the wall is still moving. It should be leaning slightly, and easier to knock down with the second shot.

Your job is clear. You are THE CANNON, and you must destroy all of the soldiers on each level.

Controls are deceptively simple. Aim the cannon, hold the fire button to build up power, let it go to shoot, watch the structure collapse and the soldiers perish.

Features --
- Part artillery game, part physics playground!
- Awesome physics fun! Hit the structure just right and watch it buckle under it's own weight.
- 60 levels in the main game (plus infinite levels of your own creation)
- Different approaches on each level! Some levels require pinpoint cannon fire. Other levels call for brute strength to blast through the structure. Other levels require you to use the resources provided (boulders, balls, exploding barrels, etc) to find a way through the level.
- Level editor to create your own structures.
- Lots of cool objects. Giant boulders to drop on the soldiers. Colorful balls to rain down on them. Exploding canisters. Shields to avoid.

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