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Fall with Passion!! Fall with Items!! And Fall with your friends!!
Fall with addiction to deepest of the world!!

Watch the videos on YouTube:

1.5.5 is submitted.
Falling distance is also calculated into total score!
Calculating algorithm in link play battle is also updated.

More updates with new elements is coming! Please rate the game and introduce to friends if you enjoy it.
Your kind reviews keep our passion on updating the game.

*******Reviews from our user*******
“I love it! All the powerups the nice artwork its a great game pick and play =D”
“I loved navigating the menu almost as much as I liked the game itself - fun all around!”
“Definitely a nice pace and keeps you on your toes!”

*******Comments from Touch Arcade forum*******
“Really cute art and simple, catchy mechanic. My favorite part was the way you incorporated the game mechanic into the UI and menu system.”
“Very smooth and a clever implementation of the power-ups”
“Uggy is a unique little platform game.”

Play Uggy on the train, on the bus and on even the bed!!
The game is highly addictive! With the help of various items, travel through the unlimited combinations of platforms. And even travel to the space!
You can’t stop keep playing the game when you started.

INVISIBLE CAP: Don't use it for too long, otherwise you will fall off of the world!
BALLOON: Parachutes are all used up, so we can only provide balloons
SHIELD: I don’t know what this item is made of, I really don’t know
BOOST JET: With this item, you can fly like Iron Man
HEALTH: Finally, the death rate can be reduced
CLOCK: Tick tock, on the clock. But the party don't stop
VIRUS: Bad news is, that’s a negative item. Good news is, you can pass it to opponent!

*******How to Play*******
1. Pick up the device and hold it in your hand
2. Move Uggy to travel downwards
3. Step on different platforms to earn scores
4. Eat the donuts and get powerful items

- Attractive and weird world with colorful graphics style
- Bluetooth Link play mode
- 7 amazing items
- 7 unique platforms
- 5 unlockable difficulties
- Travel between different worlds
- Integrated with OpenFeint
- 20 challenging achievements
- Online leader board
- Auto save progress
- Play your own music while playing the game

For contact us or bug reporting
Please email to



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