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11/14/06 EA Sports BIG
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02/02/07 EA Sports BIG

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NFL Street 3 - Summary

Play your game with your rules with NFL STREET 3. Assemble a team of NFL athletes and dominate the streets—on the ground and in the air—like never before. Use an arsenal of super moves to hit in-game targets and activate bonuses, then create a home-field advantage by switching game rules on the fly. Whether you’re launching yourself off trash cans or triggering a user-specific Gamebreaker, earn respect among the NFL brotherhood and win over the streets with NFL STREET 3.


  • Respect the Street Mode—Earn and maintain respect week-to-week by dominating games and unlocking new events with mini-games. If you have respect on your street, you can decide how to play the next game.

  • Get Up and Grab Air—Dodge defenders or make game-saving tackles by leaping off any object on the playing field. Use crates, boxes, and cans to launch jaw-dropping super aerial moves.

  • In-Game Bonuses—Only half the game is played on the ground. Take to the air by leaping off objects and aim for targets up high to earn rule change bonuses.
  • Gamebreaker Control—Trigger a Gamebreaker when the timing is right. Bust out a bullet pass, lock-on tackle, power spin, or power juke, then take over the game.

  • All-New Mini-Games—Take to the streets and show up opponents with fun and exciting mini-games, including Playbook Elimination and Bank and Timed Attack.

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