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06/18/01 EA Sports BIG
08/23/01 EA Sports BIG
06/18/01 EA Sports BIG

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Bring it!

Your game's too high for the arena, too cool for the hardcourts. Take your game to the streets and play against the city's legendary ballers with NBA STREET. Lace up the 'tops, crank up the beats and let it roll, y'all. Hit the blacktop in the first over-the-top, three-on-three arcade-action streetball video game for the Playstation 2 console. Play basketball the way it was supposed to be played: in the streets, outside the lines, and over the top.

Shoolin' your opponent on the way to victory is the name of the game. Receiving rewards for it is extra sweet. Tour the country's toughest courts in two awesome game modes. Team up with Michael Jordan in City Circuit mode and hoop it up against NBA ballers and Street legends, or work your skills against mixed squads from the NBA in Hold the Court mode.

You think you got game...then take it to the STREET, Playa.


Hoop it up with Streetball Legends--Experience the game and become part of the culture. Take on each of the six STREET legends on their home courts and show 'em what you got. If you prevail they will become part of your unstoppable roster.

Hold the Court against the City's Baddest Ballers--Pick a court to run and hold it against mixed squads of the best NBA players. Your goal: Set the court record for consecutive wins while sending all comers home.

Hit the Road in City Circuit--Play with Michael Jordan and challenge fearsome NBA teams. From inner-city blacktop showdowns to sun-soaked b-ball battles by the beach, these are the toughest and hippest courts around.

The Gamebreaker Shot--Break the game wide open as you build your momentum boost with special tricks and moves. Experience the competitive tug-o-war that allows you to unleash the move that not only scores points for your team, but subtracts points from your opponent at the same time.

Music of the STREET--The dynamic music of NBA STREET reflects how you are playing and builds the drama and momentum of the game.



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