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10/16/01 Capcom
08/23/01 Capcom
12/07/01 Capcom

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Devil May Cry - Reviews

Critic Reviews

Edge Print Magazine 8 out of 10 05th Jun 2011
Eurogamer Read Review 9 out of 10 24th Aug 2009
Game Informer Read Review 9.5 out of 10 24th Aug 2009
Gamepro Read Review 5 out of 5 24th Aug 2009

User Reviews

Review rating: 50.0%
of 4 votes

Devil May Cry is best game on Ps2.

24th Apr 2009 | 1,162 views 

When I got my Ps2 with Devil May Cry, first I needed to learn how to play with analog sticks. Oh boy..

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Review rating: 50.0%
of 2 votes

17th Jan 2010 | 1,164 views 

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A203D posted 15/08/2014, 05:23
@AgentRedgrave. Whatever the case, this is the original Devil May Cry game and the true iteration of Dante. Which frankly blows the abysmal characterisation of DMC4 Donte out of the water.
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fatslob-:O posted 30/12/2013, 05:17
Ahhh, good memories with this game. This is game is probably the first of it's kind. ^_^
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AgentRedgrave posted 09/07/2013, 06:33
@A203D No actually I didn't, cause unlike some people I don't go snooping on other accounts. Also, you do realize I wasn't the only one who replied. The only reason you're giving me crap is because I, how'd you put it, stood in defiance of you over DMC4 "The game has actually sold about 2.16 copies. I still think despite its age, its better than DMC4." I fail to see what this has to do with my comment, and seriously I stick up for DMC1 one of my favorite games, which you claim to be a true fan of and consider the only true DMC, and you still give me crap? Huh and you accuse me of trolling
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A203D posted 19/06/2013, 10:42
@AgentRedgrave. You do realise that user your replying to has been inactive for the last 4-5 years. The game has actually sold about 2.16 copies. I still think despite its age, its better than DMC4.
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AgentRedgrave posted 10/05/2013, 06:38
I also started with DMC3, and I feel your comment is unfair. You have to take into account that DMC1 was the first game of the series, and what they were able to do back then. Of-course DMC3 has better combat. But still the first game set the standard
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Kyuu posted 01/03/2013, 07:18
DMC1 has a much more special atmosphere than DMC3. And is far more innovative.
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