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09/13/11 UFO Interactive
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Pucca Power Up - Summary

Pucca Power Up features six episodes following central characters Pucca and Garu through their adventurous love story. This quirky mismatch between the daughter of a noodle seller and a ninja challenges players to help Pucca and Garu on their quest for true love. Players will also learn new skills from Master Su and complete mini-games such as Kissing Garu and Jumping off the Cliff.

Pucca - created by Vooz Character Systems - was originally an online Flash Mini-series. It has since grown into a much loved brand, popular in over 120 nations worldwide. As well as videogames the Pucca brand boasts television shows, merchandising, clothes and toys.

Pucca is a girl with the strength of Hercules! Cheerful and assertive, she always achieves what she wants. Her goal is to go out with Garu.

Garu, a descendant of ancient ninjas, dreams of rebuilding his family in accordance with his father's will. He is always under attack from a group of strange ninjas.

Master Su is a thousand year old deity who lives alone and rides a small white cloud.  He's very short and has short legs, so his body is totally covered by his clothes. He is always helping Pucca and Garu.

Tobe is the leader of the Tobe gang. Unpredictable, he is bad at fighting but always tries to defeat Garu.

Chang Tung is Pucca's uncle and a master of dumplings! He's warm-hearted but is poor at expressing himself in words.


  • Storyline and comedy direct from the creators of Pucca
  • Six electrifying chapters where you can play as both Pucca and Garu
  • Chase down Garu as Pucca, using weapons and tools often seen in the animated episodes
  • Avoid Pucca as Garu, using all his ninja skills and weapons
  • Engrossing mini-games, selectable from the main menu and appearing in-game
  • Features memorable characters from the series, including Master Su - the mysterious old man who acts as your teacher


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