Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Global Total as of 21st Feb 2015 (units): 0.36m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment Genre: Sports

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DieAppleDie (on 16 October 2012)
i like much more PS2/PSP/3DS PES than
the modern ones that are nearly
unplayable, this is half sim, but it
still keeps the arcade-ish feel
are supposed to be fun, and not a boring
reproduction of real life
ganoncrotch (on 30 July 2012)
played this a good bit, think I won 1
game in about 10, and that was after
full time, extra time and then won in
penalties... pretty sure it was on easy
too. wtf difficulty rating, really nice
looking for a cheap enough game tho.
great looking player models.
AstroMaSSi (on 10 January 2012)
A game good enough for soccer fans, but
far from the best soccer games
allenmaher (on 25 May 2011)
The AI is a little unbalanced...
otherwise one of my favourite sports
GIO (on 06 April 2011)
This was my first game I bought for my
3ds, and it is amazing. It looks so
beautiful, I don't think I can go back
to playing anygames that are not in 3d
anymore. I do wish it had a few more
features for me though, but a good game
none the less, 9 out of 10!
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