Might & Magic Heroes VI

Global Total as of 17th Dec 2016 (units): 0.33m
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Black Hole Games Genre: Role-Playing

Europe First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
15th October 201113,735N/A3,735
22nd October 2011212,596237.2%16,331
29th October 2011312,6900.7%29,021
05th November 2011413,1853.9%42,206
12th November 201157,106-46.1%49,312
19th November 201165,589-21.3%54,901
26th November 201173,808-31.9%58,709
03rd December 201186,32066.0%65,029
10th December 201198,98142.1%74,010
17th December 2011108,775-2.3%82,785

Europe Annual Summary (Units)



luisliu (on 17 February 2012)
Heroes VI is a huge disappointment on my
part. Strategic aspects that used to
define Heroes are now so simplified that
I consider it an insult towards HoMM
series. Maybe that's why it's now called
MMH. Identical character development
trees show that this game lacks too much
in strategical design department and
guarantee that we'll never see unique
heroes like the ones in HOMMIII and
HOMMV. I think that the game is
ironically a waste of money for a Heroes
fan like me. New generation King's
Bounty games put this one to shame.
zuvuyeay (on 08 February 2012)
i bought it a few weeks ago,i love tbs
battlefields,i haven't played a pc game
of heroes before though,i'm enjoying
naruball (on 21 January 2012)
I know I will. It's my favourite
franchise and I'd love to see a Heroes
VII or at least an expansion for VI.
nilli (on 23 November 2011)
Oh many pc gamers gave a crap but like
every other game they got it for free.
Noodlefighter (on 15 November 2011)
After heroes 3 I don't think many PC
gamer will give a crap that it's the
last game
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