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10/05/10 O-Games
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10/15/10 O-Games

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John Daly’s ProStroke Golf features the unique and critically acclaimed ProStroke™ control that allow players to shape and control real golf shots like never before in a golf video game. 

John Daly’s ProStroke Golf will feature fully licensed courses which John has played on, bringing the real PGA experience into your home. John Daly’s ProStroke Golf will also include many different game modes, realistic golf physics and commentary by the famous voices of golf delivering the complete golfing experience for golf fans, sports fans and gamers. 

John Daly’s Prostroke Golf is a great golf game that everyone can play and enjoy” said PGA legend John Daly. “For too long, the golfing genre has been dominated by one franchise, but with ProStroke Golf’s great game play, control and realism, that’s all about to change. I’ve had the time of my life gripping and ripping it on the PGA Tour, and now gamers everywhere can see what it’s like to step into the Lion’s Den and bomb it down the fairway!”

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1 n/a 2,319 n/a 347 2,666
2 n/a 1,151 n/a 172 1,323
3 n/a 1,845 n/a 276 2,121
4 n/a 2,318 n/a 346 2,664
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8 n/a 1,543 n/a 231 1,774
9 n/a 1,281 n/a 191 1,472
10 n/a 1,692 n/a 253 1,945

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vgc1234 posted 03/02/2011, 09:20
Update- This game is really picking up on online play. Now it's getting really fun. They also release 4 FREE Courses downloadable on PSN DLC. Very Cool!!
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vgc1234 posted 06/11/2010, 09:25
-The Graphics are Good! They are NOT Tiger Woods 11 Graphics but they Aren't PS2 Graphics Either. It's about a mix in-between and you can hit onto any hole which is cool. The Trees are PS2 Bad, not the grass textures. On my HD TV my Dad actually liked them better ha. The Golfers thou look like they are from PS2 lol But that means little importance to me compared to the rendering of the course.. It could be much much better thou. The Ball physics look fine also. --The advertisements don't bother me as they are not really in the way of anything.-- -The Best Move Controlled Golf Game Period!! I play golf in real life and I know what a 40-80-120-175 yard shot should feel like and it does it perfectly almost! The distances are amazing! TW is Horrible compared to this. It's like they just threw it in there with no feel and control. In JD on Tour Pro setting I hit the ball almost exactly where I want every time! It really feels natural! It feels like my actual Swing!!! Hitting Punch shots is really cool. You can close the club face on shorter shots to hit it longer and lower just like in real life! Every move in JD has an effect on the ball!! I LOVE how you DON"T have to hold the trigger in to swing. You just press the Move button once! My Overall Summary This is their first PS3 golf game so content and graphics will come just like TW did. Fix the Bugs and make a couple improvements in layout. Playing with the move is amazing here!. This is by far the best Move experience I have played (hitting shots). I Recommend this game and will HIGHLY Recommend it when the Patch comes out! I REALLY REALLY look forward to the patch and updates! You guys have a winner here if you keep improving it!
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