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スーパーマリオランド3 ワリオランド


Nintendo R&D1



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02/09/94 Nintendo
01/21/94 Nintendo
05/13/94 Nintendo

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Be a bad boy!

Wario schemes to steal all pirates' treasures on Kitchen Island so he can build his own castle! Help him by smashing the magic pots, because this will change him into Bull Wario, Dragon Wario and many others! With each change there will come new powers so he can beat his enemies! With game pak memory to save your progress for many hours of fun!

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Opinion (8)

Skeeuk posted 01/05/2010, 10:43
damn i bought this and zeldaDX but dont fit in ds, i think il keep them and use an emulator on wii to play them.
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Cactus posted 11/06/2009, 05:25
One of my favourite platformers of all time.
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madmaniac posted 08/04/2009, 07:27
very fun videogame, played it a lot!!
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Omega_Phazon_Pirate. posted 07/02/2009, 10:40
Second best in the SML series imo. SML2 is the best!!! :D
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yusuke93_ita posted 08/01/2009, 10:40
my first videogame!!!
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MeowTheMouse posted 07/09/2008, 02:27
under rated + forgotten FTW ?
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