Dragon Age II

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.83m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer: BioWare Corp. Genre: Action

Europe First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
12th March 2011141,239N/A41,239
19th March 2011221,069-48.9%62,308
26th March 2011312,002-43.0%74,310
02nd April 201149,264-22.8%83,574
09th April 201156,783-26.8%90,357
16th April 201168,13619.9%98,493
23rd April 201178,8729.0%107,365
30th April 201185,569-37.2%112,934
07th May 201192,941-47.2%115,875
14th May 2011102,300-21.8%118,175

Europe Annual Summary (Units)


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mantlepiecek (on 19 November 2012)
It is pretty bad in some ways - too many
enemies spawning out of nowhere.
mantlepiecek (on 05 November 2012)
I am playing this and it is not as bad
as I expected. It isn't casualized on
consoles since origins was already a bit
easier on consoles

Although not as many
interesting characters. Origins had
better animations too.
Slimebeast (on 25 July 2012)
I am glad it got punished for being
dumbed down compared to Origins. But
it's still an awesome game.
binary solo (on 26 June 2012)
I liked the first game a lot, multiple
play's through. I liked this game a lot
too. DAII is underrated IMO and doesn't
deserve the level of criticism it got.
I'm looking forward to DAIII. I hope it
sells well so that we can see further
expansion of this world in future games.
Icey7 (on 08 January 2012)
I gave up DAO after playing for a 3 to 4
hours since I didn't like the combat.
But I actually quite enjoyed DA2, only
complaint would be the repetitive
environments. It's no where near as good
as Mass Effect but still a decent game.
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