Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 1.98m
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemAlso on: Wii, iOS, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Maxis Genre: Simulation

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
27th April 1991171,607N/A71,607
04th May 1991251,069-28.7%122,676
11th May 1991340,766-20.2%163,442
18th May 1991433,971-16.7%197,413
25th May 1991530,892-9.1%228,305
01st June 1991631,8943.2%260,199
08th June 1991730,464-4.5%290,663
15th June 1991827,468-9.8%318,131
22nd June 1991931,29913.9%349,430
29th June 19911021,855-30.2%371,285

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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goldeneye0065r (on 29 December 2011)
1.98 m sales not bad after picking up
from a pawn i realised this was actually
pretty darn good
mjk45 (on 19 February 2009)
miyamoto was so impressed with the game
he personally bought the Japanese rights
for it
and along with it being such a
great game his association might have
helped with the great sales for a
western game
Egghead (on 26 January 2009)
WTF, how on Earth did this sell so well
in Japan = S
Vas-y (on 25 August 2008)
When I was a child I used to play it
everyday but I never got 500.000
inhabitants. After a big break I tried
it again - ten years later I have
finally succeded in it!
Sim City on
SNES got me to play every new version.
Now I'm playing Sim City 4 for almost
three years. This game has my heart
Kihniö (on 02 July 2008)
Remember time when i didn´t knew how the
houses got electricity..
Very fun
game.Back in Snes days
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