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Mystic Quest

Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden

聖剣伝説 ~ファイナルファンタジー外伝~





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11/01/91 Square
06/28/91 Square
01/01/93 Square

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In the Empire of Glaive, a gladiator-slave is forced to fight evil monsters controlled by the Dark Lord. But when his best friend is mortally wounded, he learns of a secret pendant which will give him great power.

As the hero, you must battle your way out of the Dark Knight's castle and search through a dangerous world for the girl who has the pendant. But you discover she has been captured by the Dark Knight's men.

To free her, you must find the legendary sword and fight off the Dark Knight's beasts and overlords through deserts, snowfields, lakes, forests, and caves. Are you ready for the adventure of your life?

  • You must fight your way out ot the Dark Knight's castle, choosing and using the right weapons and magic.
  • Armed with your legendary sword, you encounter fearsome beasts and enemies at every turn.
  • You journey through a vast world and make your way through villages, forests, lakes, and deserts.

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joey123 posted 01/12/2009, 12:12
too bad the series went downhill after this game.
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DarkNight_DS posted 04/09/2009, 12:25
I really enjoyed this game when it first game out. It was one of the first games I bought. It's too bad the remake for the GBA didn't get the treatment from Square that it deserved.
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Hephaestos posted 30/07/2009, 12:59
I bought it because it looked like zelda (it's in the secret of mana series btw)... then I bought the FFs because they had the same name as this with a legend instead of adventure tag.

In all you could say I was tricked (twice)... but really I can't complain to this sort of trickery =D
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Cheebee posted 20/06/2009, 09:35
Hmm, those screens remind me a LOT of Link's Awakening. Which is a good thing. :)
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SJGohan3972 posted 20/06/2009, 07:03
I was unaware of this game's existence until today, I will have to look this up.
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Wickedshyn posted 27/02/2009, 11:59
awesome game for the gameboy.
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