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09/15/09 Zoo Games
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02/05/10 Zushi Games

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Things have gone completely haywire for our humble poultry-farming friend! Crazy chickens have infiltrated his once anonymous and boring life—and now all of his chickens are going mad! Chickens on rockets! Chickens on water skis! Chickens jumping on trampolines! In Chicken Blaster, it’s time to put those crazy chickens in their place. Blast them off the farm with an arsenal of weapons—but keep an eye on those egg-wielding birds determined to defend their new insane way of life.

Unlock 10 different weapons (including a shotgun, a rocket launcher, and dynamite) to attack those crazed chickens.
A wide variety of lunatic chickens! Zombie, Pilot, and Roller Skating Chickens are only a small taste of the madness.
Chickens attack back! Duck and dodge as the chickens hurl eggs at you, sucking away your energy.
Enjoy multiplayer chicken shooting mayhem as four players can shoot head-to-head.

Zoo Games

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1 n/a 1,946 n/a 343 2,289
2 n/a 1,573 n/a 278 1,851
3 n/a 4,856 n/a 857 5,713
4 n/a 10,766 n/a 1,900 12,666
5 n/a 26,622 n/a 4,698 31,320
6 n/a 32,565 n/a 5,747 38,312
7 n/a 26,722 n/a 4,716 31,438
8 n/a 8,839 n/a 1,560 10,399
9 n/a 4,424 n/a 781 5,205
10 n/a 3,300 n/a 582 3,882

Opinion (2)

spurgeonryan posted 24/12/2009, 07:28
is this just a re release of the chicken shoot game? Iread that somewhere. Ifit is then a better looking box makes a ton of difference with sales.
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marcianito posted 18/12/2009, 04:50
i saw this in waltmart the other day and i was like wtf is this...i see a potential million seller
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