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08/01/98 Nintendo
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Opinion (7)

Roflinator posted 09/11/2008, 09:12
Yes, they made a #3.

The very first one was Japan only and had very few pokemon. Then they did a sequel (which is Pokemon Stadium 1 to everyone else) with all of the 151 Pokemon.

The 3rd one is Pokemon Stadium 2.

Hope this clears up.
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Untouch posted 02/04/2008, 01:57
They made a #3?
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Shade posted 14/01/2008, 01:38
I don't know if I sould add this one or not. I'll look for Pokemon Stadium 1 just to be on the safe side.
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Kaio_felipe posted 02/01/2008, 06:15
Please correct it, VGChartz:
Pokémon Stadium 1 in Japan = not released in the rest of the world.
Poké Stadium 2 in JAP = Poké Stadium 1 in the rest of the world.
Poké Stadium 3 in JAP = Poké Stadium 2 in the rest of the world.
The ideal names would be "Pokémon Stadium JP", "Pokémon Stadium" and "Pokémon Stadium 2".
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NintendoTogepi posted 07/11/2007, 10:51
I didn't know they made a 3rd game!
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Maplecat posted 01/09/2007, 06:19
If you look at the chart, all sales of this game are attributed to Japan. Pokemon Stadium 3 was the Japanese release of what became Pokemon Stadium 2 in the States.
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