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DUST 514 is a persistent shooter focused on brutal ground combat and strategic planetary conquest. Exclusive to the PS3, DUST 514 is set in, and directly connected to, the thriving player driven universe of the PC MMO, EVE Online.

Engage in fierce firefights on the surface of planets spread throughout an interconnected universe populated by hundreds of thousands of EVE Online and DUST 514 players. The outcome of battles in DUST 514 has repercussions for the world and other players; for better or worse, your actions mean something.

Survive a dynamically changing battlefield by fully customizing both your character and vehicles. Dominate the enemy as a specialized vehicle pilot, support your team as a logistics specialist, or take the fight up close and personal in assault armor.

Fight, die, and develop your skills to become the character you want to be. Use skill points you earn both as you play, and when you're offline, to advance and develop your skills. Learn to use specialized gear or enhance your ability to modify and upgrade existing gear for that extra edge on the battlefield.

ISK earned in battle can be spent on the primary market, or the secondary player-driven market, to stock up on the latest gear – weapons, turrets, vehicles, equipment, armor, and specialized enhancement modules. Customize existing gear or purchase advanced and prototype weaponry and equipment for that extra edge on the battlefield.

Form mercenary corporations with friends in DUST 514 and EVE Online and work together to conquer planets and control entire star systems, and by doing so claim your rightful place in the galaxy!


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PlaystaionGamer posted 05/03/2012, 07:13
This could be amazing with PS3 and Vita
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Truther posted 06/01/2012, 01:29
I wanna hear more on this game!
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