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n Crazy Machines you build wacky machines to fulfill the duties of the quirky professor.Let your imagination run wild and unleash the incredible chain reactions!You can, for example, a billiard ball dropped on a light switch to turn on the lamp.The light shines through a magnifying glass and lit such a candle.The candle flame heats the water boiler of the steam engine, and the resulting steam is then a windmill in motion that blows the basketball through the basket ring and so on ...

The award-winning game for PC and Nintendo DS is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

In the secret laboratory of the mad professor, the players must perform a variety of tricky experiments.A few machines that the professor has invented a long time ago, should be finished.You have to trigger chain reactions and reconstruct processes that the professor has forgotten decades ago.For each new task the players have always been a limited number of components available.


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