Yakuza 4

Global Total as of 28th Feb 2015 (units): 0.93m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: CS1 Team Genre: Adventure

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
19th March 2011214,001N/AN/A
26th March 201127,686-45.1%N/A
02nd April 201124,591-40.3%N/A
09th April 201122,667-41.9%N/A
16th April 201123,13517.5%N/A
23rd April 201122,199-29.9%N/A
30th April 201121,592-27.6%N/A
07th May 20112920-42.2%N/A
14th May 20112824-10.4%N/A
21st May 201121,05828.4%N/A
28th May 201121,20614.0%N/A
04th June 20112932-22.7%N/A
11th June 20112764-18.0%N/A
18th June 2011289116.6%N/A
25th June 201129668.4%N/A
02nd July 20112704-27.1%N/A
09th July 2011283819.0%N/A
16th July 20112801-4.4%N/A
23rd July 201122,141167.3%N/A
30th July 201121,678-21.6%N/A
06th August 20112834-50.3%N/A
13th August 20112404-51.6%N/A
20th August 20112317-21.5%N/A
27th August 20112853169.1%N/A
03rd September 20112693-18.8%N/A
10th September 20112511-26.3%N/A
17th September 20112442-13.5%N/A
24th September 20112361-18.3%N/A
01st October 2011250740.4%N/A
08th October 20112344-32.1%N/A
15th October 20112297-13.7%N/A
22nd October 20112611105.7%N/A
29th October 2011299162.2%N/A
05th November 201121,88189.8%N/A
12th November 201121,849-1.7%N/A
19th November 201122,67744.8%N/A
26th November 201124,07052.0%N/A
03rd December 201122,777-31.8%N/A
10th December 201122,8974.3%N/A
17th December 201122,831-2.3%N/A
24th December 201124,12545.7%N/A
31st December 201122,143-48.0%N/A
07th January 20122935-56.4%N/A
14th January 201221,15523.5%N/A
21st January 201221,097-5.0%N/A
28th January 201221,1716.7%N/A
04th February 201221,138-2.8%N/A
11th February 201221,034-9.1%N/A
18th February 20122943-8.8%N/A
25th February 20122901-4.5%N/A
03rd March 20122779-13.5%N/A
10th March 20122595-23.6%N/A
17th March 201221,11687.6%N/A
24th March 20122799-28.4%N/A
31st March 20122792-0.9%N/A
07th April 201228142.8%N/A
14th April 201228696.8%N/A
21st April 20122616-29.1%N/A
28th April 20122466-24.4%N/A
05th May 20122361-22.5%N/A
12th May 20122322-10.8%N/A
19th May 20122294-8.7%N/A
26th May 20122227-22.8%N/A
02nd June 2012231639.2%N/A
09th June 2012236114.2%N/A
16th June 20122326-9.7%N/A
23rd June 20122305-6.4%N/A
30th June 20122290-4.9%N/A
07th July 2012236024.1%N/A
14th July 2012241916.4%N/A
21st July 201224384.5%N/A
28th July 20122385-12.1%N/A
04th August 20122265-31.2%N/A
11th August 20122251-5.3%N/A
18th August 20122216-13.9%N/A
25th August 20122208-3.7%N/A
01st September 20122159-23.6%N/A
08th September 20122151-5.0%N/A
15th September 20122135-10.6%N/A
22nd September 201221478.9%N/A
29th September 2012216310.9%N/A
06th October 20122147-9.8%N/A
13th October 2012216310.9%N/A
20th October 20122142-12.9%N/A
27th October 2012228097.2%N/A
03rd November 2012237533.9%N/A
10th November 201223975.9%N/A
17th November 20122128-67.8%N/A
24th November 2012215924.2%N/A
01st December 2012227472.3%N/A
08th December 2012236031.4%N/A
15th December 2012240111.4%N/A
22nd December 2012272681.0%N/A
29th December 20122266-63.4%N/A
05th January 2013230113.2%N/A
12th January 20132166-44.9%N/A
19th January 20132134-19.3%N/A
26th January 2013219646.3%N/A
02nd February 20132189-3.6%N/A
09th February 201322037.4%N/A
16th February 2013223415.3%N/A
23rd February 20132208-11.1%N/A
02nd March 2013227431.7%N/A
09th March 20132258-5.8%N/A
16th March 2013235136.0%N/A
23rd March 201323839.1%N/A
30th March 2013242310.4%N/A
06th April 20132329-22.2%N/A
13th April 20132190-42.2%N/A
20th April 20132135-28.9%N/A
27th April 2013215514.8%N/A
04th May 20132121-21.9%N/A
11th May 20132112-7.4%N/A
18th May 20132246119.6%N/A
25th May 20132140-43.1%N/A
01st June 2013273-47.9%N/A
08th June 201329732.9%N/A
15th June 2013248-50.5%N/A
22nd June 2013232-33.3%N/A
29th June 201324231.3%N/A
06th July 2013237-11.9%N/A
13th July 20132101173.0%N/A
20th July 2013286-14.9%N/A
27th July 2013211938.4%N/A
03rd August 2013279-33.6%N/A
10th August 2013210836.7%N/A
17th August 2013298-9.3%N/A
24th August 2013280-18.4%N/A
31st August 20132833.8%N/A
07th September 2013277-7.2%N/A
14th September 2013211144.2%N/A
21st September 2013288-20.7%N/A
28th September 2013269-21.6%N/A
05th October 2013211262.3%N/A
12th October 2013293-17.0%N/A
19th October 2013210715.1%N/A
26th October 2013213627.1%N/A
02nd November 20132105-22.8%N/A
09th November 20132231120.0%N/A
16th November 2013232641.1%N/A
23rd November 20132201-38.3%N/A
30th November 2013277-61.7%N/A
07th December 20132255231.2%N/A
14th December 20132668162.0%N/A
21st December 20132657-1.6%N/A
28th December 20132546-16.9%N/A
04th January 20142152-72.2%N/A
11th January 20142104-31.6%N/A
18th January 2014282-21.2%N/A
25th January 201429515.9%N/A
01st February 20142994.2%N/A
08th February 2014263-36.4%N/A
15th February 20142217244.4%N/A
22nd February 20142171-21.2%N/A
01st March 2014293-45.6%N/A
08th March 2014243-53.8%N/A
15th March 20142162276.7%N/A
22nd March 2014298-39.5%N/A
29th March 2014219093.9%N/A
05th April 20142150-21.1%N/A
12th April 20142125-16.7%N/A
19th April 20142111-11.2%N/A
26th April 2014278-29.7%N/A
03rd May 2014241-47.4%N/A
10th May 2014298139.0%N/A
17th May 2014216669.4%N/A
24th May 2014284-49.4%N/A
31st May 2014215989.3%N/A
07th June 20142106-33.3%N/A
14th June 2014215849.1%N/A
21st June 201421590.6%N/A
28th June 2014224352.8%N/A
05th July 20142238-2.1%N/A
12th July 20142192-19.3%N/A
19th July 20142108-43.8%N/A
26th July 2014279-26.9%N/A
02nd August 2014226-67.1%N/A
09th August 2014256115.4%N/A
16th August 201426821.4%N/A
23rd August 2014250-26.5%N/A
30th August 201425816.0%N/A
06th September 2014224-58.6%N/A
13th September 201423129.2%N/A
20th September 2014222-29.0%N/A
27th September 2014213-40.9%N/A
04th October 201428-38.5%N/A
11th October 2014241412.5%N/A
18th October 201427890.2%N/A
25th October 2014214889.7%N/A
01st November 20142117-20.9%N/A
08th November 2014220474.4%N/A
15th November 20142182-10.8%N/A
22nd November 2014285-53.3%N/A
29th November 20142325282.4%N/A
06th December 20142276-15.1%N/A
13th December 20142590113.8%N/A
20th December 2014294059.3%N/A
27th December 201421,37346.1%N/A
03rd January 20152317-76.9%N/A
10th January 20152190-40.1%N/A
17th January 2015230761.6%N/A
24th January 20152176-42.7%N/A
31st January 2015273-58.5%N/A
07th February 20152183150.7%N/A
14th February 20152130-29.0%N/A
21st February 20152106-18.5%N/A
28th February 2015215546.2%N/A

USA Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.

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Kongfucius (on 29 June 2014)
Apparently Sega didn't make enough
money off 270k sales to may to whack
some subtitles on Y5 and push it out the
door when NISA and XSeed can get by on
games selling 50k at best a lot of the
time and which often have English voice
acting :(

I'm sorry but even if
there's a lot of stuff to translate,
that sounds ridiculous. Puts me off
getting into the series when I'd really
like to :(
Bristow9091 (on 23 May 2012)
Does anyone think this could cross 1m
sales by this time next year? I reckon
it could, since it's really cheap now,
and when people hear about Yakuza 5 I
can see a slight boost since there's
going to be new people wanting to get
into the series
SnakeDrake (on 13 April 2012)
160K to go
SnakeDrake (on 14 January 2012)
200k to go damn it
Ham_Burgular (on 09 January 2012)
Not at all i preferred Yakuza 3 to GTAIV
by a mile. This one isnt as good mind
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