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Calling: Kuroki Chakushin



Hudson Soft



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03/09/10 Hudson Soft
11/19/09 Hudson Entertainment
03/19/10 Konami

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Step into the world of Calling, an all new horror adventure on Wii™ that takes you into the depths of your own imagination and fears.

When tales of "The Black Page" start circling, curiosity gets the best of you. Although "The Black Page" is just an ink black website with an ominous hit counter, rumor has it that if you see "something", you'll die within a matter of time of visiting and you'll be added to the death count. Some say the site is a hoax, a prank, or a marketing ploy, but others say the site is a bridge to something sinister. But you've seen "something" and now you're trapped in "The Black Page," the in-between of life and death. Can you escape from your fate or will you become another number on the death toll?
Using unique Wii controls, you can rummage and explore your environment for clues as you’ve never done before.  Pull open drawers, turn and unlock doors with keys, force open doors, or shed some light and explore the dark environments with your flashlight. By searching through the environments carefully, you'll be able to gather new clues and information that will help piece the mystery together. From papers on the ground to cabinets in the rooms, every item may hold the key to your survival. All you can count on is your Wii Remote and your survival instincts, the rest is up to fate.

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2 754 n/a n/a 754
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Opinion (6)

Jmansoccer6296 posted 24/08/2011, 05:02
Wicked Monster Blast
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pots555 posted 28/03/2010, 07:54
Give it a try when it gets a price cut. It is not that bad. I enjoyed it.
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spurgeonryan posted 28/03/2010, 06:02
but the only reason that I saw it was because I just happend to walk into a gamestop. its not even at my local big box stores yet.. just another failed title because only third party companies that will make games for the wii are the dumb poor ones who have no money
The big third parties have learned there lesson.... I dont wanna have to buy a ps3 but I will if I have to nintendo
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darkgemini posted 20/03/2010, 08:42
where are sales numbers?
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adam84 posted 05/10/2009, 07:37
looks good, wii is the console to have for horror games
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YesWiiCan posted 12/07/2009, 10:30
Looks promising.
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