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A-Ressha de Ikou HX

A列車で行こう HX





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12/21/06 ArtDink
03/07/08 505 Games

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A-Train HX - Summary

In A-Train HX, you are the creator of your own city. Start your development by building your train station serving as the centre of your city and develop the transport system around it. Watch as your city grows and takes shape into a living breathing metropolis.

The processing power of the Xbox 360 allows a city landscape to be simulated down to the smallest detail. You will be amazed as you look out over the city and see buildings far into the distance. And the game's advanced simulation engine allows you to watch the progress of the city as it goes from farmland to a giant metropolis.

Your city is rendered in full polygonal 3D and can be viewed from any angle.


* Create your own tracks and trains using up to 7 different cars with over 50 different types

* Sees the return of the ‘train window’ mode – a favorite in the A-Train series

* Tracks can be built up to 9 levels high and 2 levels underground, allowing you to make a subway system

* Build your city and choose the right buildings to spur its development

* The game's advanced simulation engine makes every time you play unique. You can make cities over and never make the same one twice.

* Upload your created maps using Xbox Live sharing them with players around the world

* Exclusive Xbox Live leaderboard. Compete with players from all over the globe in each map category.



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