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Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.77m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Genre: Action

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
05th December 200918,406N/A8,406
12th December 2009210,13920.6%18,545
19th December 2009316,01958.0%34,564
26th December 2009426,22863.7%60,792
02nd January 2010512,476-52.4%73,268
09th January 201068,060-35.4%81,328
16th January 201076,661-17.4%87,989
23rd January 201085,435-18.4%93,424
30th January 201094,109-24.4%97,533
06th February 2010103,236-21.2%100,769

USA Annual Summary (Units)



Bagaren85 (on 22 March 2010)
Love the movie, and i thinking of buying
this.. but i sense mediocre.. hm
Smeags (on 25 January 2010)
Well, I just finished playing (and
beating) the Wii version, so now I'm
going to give this one a rent as well.
Apparently they're very different (the
Wii has you playing as a Na'vi warrior
while the PS3/360 version has you as a
human/avatar). We'll see how it turns
out! :-P
Myviewing (on 27 December 2009)
Didn't help with me. :P
Smeags (on 19 December 2009)
So right after we see this movie (and it
was quite the movie... wow!) we (my
brother and I) head to Wal*Mart. Now, he
was planning to get The Saboteur before
hand, but after seeing the movie... we
were all mesmerized by it. In fact, he
was even tempted to get this game
instead of The Saboteur.

Well, the
shock of the movie was wearing off at
that point, and I kindly pointed him in
the direction of The Saboteur and put
away this game. I just told him to give
it a rent... the game might take him
from his mountaintop experience. :-D
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