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01/01/94 SSI
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CyClones is an action packed first person shooter set in the future (2010). Though seemingly just another DOOM clone, its engine could do a lot more than the DOOM engine, allowing for ramps and floors over floors. One interesting feature of CyClones is that you can target your weapon and move your character independently because both targeting and movement are separate controls. CyClones also comes with an in-game tutorial to help you learn the ropes, something that wasn't so usual back then than it is nowadays.

As an interesting aside, Pat Lipo from Raven Software claims that this game has the worst in-game cinematics of all time. :)

The Story


In 2010, the Advanced Ideas Corporation (AI Corp) has discovered the remains of a crashed alien ship. The technological ability of this race (and the race itself) were far superior to what the Humans had. A few days after this discovery, the mothership of the alien race began to attack Earth, without provocation. The aliens quickly subdued the superpowers of the Earth and held them down under their mighty technological power.

Earth geneticists studied the remains of the aliens retrived from the crashed ship discovered that the invaders were all cybernetically-enhanced creatures and that under such conditions there was no way that Earth could retaliate sufficiently to destroy these organisms. So, the AI Corp brought forth the Enhanced Combat Scouts (ECS) project. They develpoed a prototype and gave it the code name "Havoc". Havoc's mission is to disrupt and destroy the communication lines between the alien forces and their commander. He is Earth's last hope.

(Info from Raven Software)

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