Resonance of Fate

Global Total as of 07th Oct 2017 (units): 0.74m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360
Developer: tri-Ace Genre: Role-Playing

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
30th January 20101131,576N/A131,576
06th February 2010227,344-79.2%158,920
13th February 2010314,240-47.9%173,160
20th February 201047,060-50.4%180,220
27th February 201055,120-27.5%185,340
06th March 201063,797-25.8%189,137
13th March 201073,262-14.1%192,399
20th March 201082,728-16.4%195,127
27th March 201092,291-16.0%197,418
03rd April 2010101,862-18.7%199,280

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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pandaXL (on 26 August 2012)
I bought this quickly once i saw this
bargain bin in walmart.
DitchPlaya (on 19 October 2011)
Sales in JP are ovetracked, Famitsu say
it topped out at 185k, still combined
with the 360 sales, its done well for a
new IP thats not from SE.
Iveyboi (on 10 October 2011)
I admit that this was too difficult for
me; sad. Nice to see a HARDCORE RPG made
DitchPlaya (on 28 July 2011)
Wow sold really well in Japan,
especially since its a new IP thats not
by SE.
ishiki (on 15 April 2011)
I enjoyed this game, it had some funny
dialogue. And I was having fun just
screwing around and upgrading. The
battle system was great. However,
scenery matters and it's boring looking
enemies and environments so it gets
stale. Because they don't really add
things. Also I liked dressing up my
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