Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.13m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: Tamsoft Genre: Action

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slipknotfan (on 26 June 2011)
horrible graphics long load screens very
MonstaMack (on 02 April 2010)
$10 now in Wal-Mart's "value" stock.
For $10 I bought it.
spurgeonryan (on 28 December 2009)
well I see more wii owners on here than
on the wii page and this page so this
must have sold about the same on the wii
if not more. how did d21 get posted
after the guys in december?
d21lewis (on 09 March 2009)
Yep. I did it. I bought it on the Wii
and the 360. I feel so ashamed!
Zucas (on 12 February 2009)
I haven't played it yet but picked it
up yesterday along with the Wii version.
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