Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 13.51m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Infinity Ward Genre: Shooter

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lordmandeep (on 12 November 2011)
13 million lifetime+
yo_john117 (on 28 October 2011)
Yeah I suppose MW3 will boost it's sales some.
Kizmi (on 13 October 2011)
oh yes it will.
yo_john117 (on 24 September 2011)
Wonder if it can get to 13 million sales?
Mythe (on 13 June 2011)
@ yahoocom1984 lol good one.
Vekta (on 12 May 2011)
Whoah this is what you call gigantic sales. I never really could get into this game, just didnt spark my interest with the exception of just playing it at a friends house with 3 other people. Just wasnt my thing but this is amazing sales.
ztatrai (on 15 April 2011)
asassin's creed
yahoocom1984 (on 18 March 2011)
Halo reach can't reach this
Kai Master (on 13 March 2011)
Halo: Reach could reach its sales, even if I would say 12M max... only BOps is unreachable... damn, that's a lot of Reach in a phrase ! ^^
UnknownFact (on 05 March 2011)
12 million is sick.
yahoocom1984 (on 01 March 2011)
Call of duty = sales
Wonktonodi (on 25 February 2011)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
mangoman10 (on 18 February 2011)
EA will be crying after seeing these numbers.BBFC2+MOH+Crysis2+Bulltestorm+BF3 combined won't ever touch MW2 alone.
yahoocom1984 (on 05 February 2011)
13 million on the way
Kai Master (on 03 January 2011)
First game to reach 21M so fast (59 weeks), NSMBWii is at 20.91M in 58 weeks versus 20.94M in 58 weeks for MW2 on 360+PS3... but next week NSMBWii will beat MW2 : it will reach 21M also in 59 weeks but in a few days less than for MW2... but in a few weeks BOps will burst the record in 8 weeks to reach 20M against 43 weeks for MW2 !
complaining (on 03 January 2011)
Don't know if anyone else noticed this but... 12 Million!
hudsoniscool (on 24 December 2010)
it wont reach 15m by end of next year it might be at 13 million. it will reach ROUND 14 million
jasmin1 (on 09 November 2010)
i like this game
yahoocom1984 (on 31 October 2010)
This will reach 15 milllion at the end, mark my words
yahoocom1984 (on 29 October 2010)
Insane sales
usrevenge (on 29 May 2010)
bad game is bad
donsterydo2 (on 27 May 2010)
It could reach 12m at the end of the year.
sabestar (on 25 May 2010)
Not much left for this to pass Halo 3
BulletProof (on 10 May 2010)
gonna get over halo 3
Twista (on 10 May 2010)
Vertigo-X (on 04 May 2010)
@IxisNaugus: Thinking about openings, think on this: the American opening for the 360 version is more than the WW opening for the PS3 version!! O_O
IxisNaugus (on 27 April 2010)
Still can't get over that America opening. The insanity...
Ghazi4 (on 23 April 2010)
@mr puggsly 15 million?? :O
MonstaMack (on 21 April 2010)
Looks like Halo 3 got adjusted up so the wait continues for MW2 to surpass Halo 3. Looking closer to the summer now, just near Halo Reach.

Good job IW.
Mr Puggsly (on 20 April 2010)
Legs are incredible. Lifetime should surpass 15 million.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 19 April 2010)
Scary thought: could this sell 10 million in America alone?
Jay520 (on 18 April 2010)
Damn its a good game and all but it doesn't outdo other FPSs to the point where it should be selling like this.
huaxiong90 (on 17 April 2010)
It's going to pass Halo 3 very soon.
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 14 April 2010)
Man...another 100k week
andremop (on 13 April 2010)
No, I meant a 360 game passing every other ps2 - the former console beast - game. It's really something for the 360.
yum123 (on 13 April 2010)
@andremop this igame is almost about to pass san andreas it has nearly 18 million plus pc it doesnt matter what platform a sales a sale
toastboy44562 (on 11 April 2010)
damn good sales. i was expecting this game to sell 6 million before i saw preorders
hmduong (on 11 April 2010)
Got a nice boost from the DLC release
Barozi (on 10 April 2010)
up 24k from last week to over 100k this week...

7-8 weeks left until it passes Halo 3 ?
andremop (on 08 April 2010)
this game is probably going to pass every PS2 game minus San Andreas.

Incredible if you think about it.
Barozi (on 07 April 2010)
not yet
miqdadi (on 04 April 2010)
Did it pass halo 3 and became best selling 360 title ?
PLayMySTatioN (on 03 April 2010)
i remember buying this 2nd day of release the gamestop employee just came up to me when i walked in holding 2 copies of this and asked which platform.. !
slipknot01299 (on 29 March 2010)
gonna outsell halo 3 this year
snyperdud (on 26 March 2010)
Sold it for Bad Company 2.
And I haven't looked back since.
Bagaren85 (on 22 March 2010)
first one was great, i will buy the sequel soon.
postofficebuddy (on 21 March 2010)
IIRC Pachter and ioi said they expected this to take 12 months to reach 18 million. It's going to do it in less than half that. Totally insane sales and if I'm not mistaken only the second time a game on a non-leading platform has sold 10 million.
Ninpanda (on 21 March 2010)
Finally bought it, to see what all the fuzz is about. Nice game.
haxxiy (on 21 March 2010)
Yeah, by June.
toastboy44562 (on 20 March 2010)
late may/early june sounds right
MonstaMack (on 20 March 2010)
When do you guys think it will beat Halo 3 in sales? May? June? later?
Solid_Snake4RD (on 20 March 2010)
haxxiy (on 19 March 2010)
Awesome, 10 million
huaxiong90 (on 19 March 2010)
10 million, congrats.
DivinityFire (on 19 March 2010)
Don't want to be a troll or anything, but I just sold it for $42 and picked up Heavy Rain. It was a good game, but the multiplayer was a little broken compared to previous titles. I'm not a person who plays it constantly either. It would be rare if I played it more than a couple days in a month.
Carl2291 (on 18 March 2010)
Very, VERY impressive numbers.
Smeags (on 18 March 2010)
10 million! Someone make a thread stat! :-D
Barozi (on 17 March 2010)
10M nice
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 17 March 2010)
At last,10 MIL
Signalstar (on 17 March 2010)
Holy 10 Million Sales Batman!
MasterZack (on 15 March 2010)
Finally gotten.
pizzahut451 (on 13 March 2010)
It will outsell Halo 3 pretty soon
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 13 March 2010)
Wtf @toastboy
Halo Reach wont have a 6 million opening week,it'll be lucky have a 4 million one
hmduong (on 11 March 2010)
I think this game is well over 10M by now. For the third straight month, VGC has it vastly undertracked in the US when compared to NPD. I'm not sure if VGC has made adjustments afterwards but for Feb they undertracked this game by almost 100k.
toastboy44562 (on 11 March 2010)
well think about it reach will some out in september probably. it will have a 6 million+ opening week, the another million for week 2. all it needs to do is sell a few million in october/september/december to beat modern warfare 2. seems quite possible to me. im saying reach could sell 12 million this year.
headshot91 (on 09 March 2010)
I'm not quite sure yet about LTD sales
but no way will reach outsell this by the end of the year!
toastboy44562 (on 07 March 2010)
yes it will, mabye even this year
jonnhytesta (on 07 March 2010)
it wont
Rawnchie14 (on 07 March 2010)
Halo Reach is the one and only chance to top this game on HD consoles
Aion (on 04 March 2010)
Great game, i hope one day another game outsells this AAA game.
Kai Master (on 02 March 2010)
REACH will beat it on 360, 100% sure.
Carl2291 (on 25 February 2010)
This sold 93k this week. On it's 15th week.

I predict 10 Million in 3 weeks time. 12 Million by years end, possibly more.
elticker (on 23 February 2010)
Reach will outsel this and it still ahs sometime to go to beat halo 3 atleast 3 more months to beat halo 3 sales but if sales slowdown it could take 6 months to a year
Munkeh111 (on 21 February 2010)
Still a long way off Halo 3, but I think it can beat it
ash31 (on 20 February 2010)
great game and deserves its sales
Dragonred385 (on 17 February 2010)
Reach WILL not outsell this.
Kenoid (on 17 February 2010)
Although I'm quite impressed by the vidoc, I still don't think Reach will sell better than this game.
toastboy44562 (on 14 February 2010)
will sell a little more than halo 3, reach will outsell this easily though
ash31 (on 14 February 2010)
great sales for a great game
eliasg (on 13 February 2010)
3 million in others, no other 360 game has succeed that...
hmduong (on 11 February 2010)
undertracked according to NPD results
toastboy44562 (on 04 February 2010)
10 million in 6-8 weeks
hmduong (on 02 February 2010)
I predict it'll overtake Halo 3 by the time Halo: Reach launches if not sooner. Currently outselling it by about 100k a week although it likely won't sustain that for the long haul.
pslee (on 01 February 2010)
wow. this will outsell halo3.
Seece (on 29 January 2010)
COD4 outsolde WaW most weeks in 2009, so now COD 7 will not stop MW2.
huaxiong90 (on 25 January 2010)
Outsold the previous iteration...simply amazing...
PS360fan10 (on 24 January 2010)
@ Gearbox
Cause There will be a new COD this year so MW 2 sales will eventually slow.
PlaystaionGamer (on 22 January 2010)
yes they do 'weirdly' but not alot
Boneitis (on 21 January 2010)
@ PlaystaionGamer
You forget that CoD4 and CoD:WaW still sell and are $50. MW2 will definitely pass 12 million.
PlaystaionGamer (on 21 January 2010)

u forget, COD7 at the end of this year, this game wont be in the limlight for 2 years

so yeh at most 12million
Boneitis (on 21 January 2010)
@ PlaystaionGamer
Just 12 million for the 360? It should surpass that by the end of this year.
eliasg (on 20 January 2010)
biggest game in recent years!! GJ IW!!!
PlaystaionGamer (on 19 January 2010)
im thinking:
Xbox 360 - 12million
PS3 - 9million
SaviorX (on 19 January 2010)
Wow, 9 million. Should blow past Halo 3.
sonyfanatic (on 18 January 2010)
so this will outsell halo 3!!?!?! KOOL! i personally LOVE this game and i think its better then halo 3 imo!
Gearbox (on 18 January 2010)
@PS360fan10 - ahh well then ur just plain stupid because this will reach 13-15 mil end of this year. :P
PS360fan10 (on 18 January 2010)
Wow the X360 version is about 3 million ahead of this. Awesome sales for both systems
droganmaster (on 16 January 2010)
The 360 version will hit 10m soon...
kunaixhaku (on 15 January 2010)
how cud ppl say it's not goin to beat halo 3..9th week 9 million....
TiagoCosta (on 15 January 2010)
PS360fan10 (on 15 January 2010)
Somehow I just don't see this out selling Halo 3. Halo 3 will remain number 1 until Halo Reach.
ps3-sales! (on 14 January 2010)
In my eyes this game has already outsold halo 3. The only thing holding it back is that the ps3 version is selling amazing too.
haxxiy (on 12 January 2010)
It will fly through Halo 3 I think. I picture it having the legs H3 have, but on a bigger scale, due to kinda becoming a standard game to buy when acquiring the console.
donsterydo2 (on 11 January 2010)
It looks like it's possible for MW2 NOT to top Halo 3 sales, remember that Halo 3 still sell strong (20-30k a week) so in about half a year it will hit 11m mark and we don't know how hard MW2 will fall from its present sales, even if it will be able to sell 100k every week from now it would need 23 weeks to hit 11m, but I don't think the average sales will be that high for almost half a year.
Monges79 (on 10 January 2010)
How long before it takes the number one spot?
sabby_e17 (on 10 January 2010)
No this game will easily pass 11 million.

I'm thinking it can reach 15 million.
elticker (on 10 January 2010)
good to see it not surpassing halo 3 in sales. I bet this won't reach 11 mil.
RJ@Melb (on 06 January 2010)
Its a great game, but i gotta say in australia where its prolly the biggest game we feel as if we got screwed over, aus players never get chosen as hosts and once every 50 games we might get a 3 bar connection
invetedlotus123 (on 04 January 2010)

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when! Going this way it can reach 10 million pretty fast!
MasterZack (on 04 January 2010)
I need to get this game...
Zucas (on 03 January 2010)
Remarkable sales and some of the deals it had during this week definitely paid off.
Carl2291 (on 03 January 2010)
Already passed CoD4.

I wonder, with the legs CoD games have... Can it pass Halo 3?
Seece (on 03 January 2010)
Up but 9 mill won't happen, soon though :-P
Seece (on 31 December 2009)
MW2 will be up this week. 9 mill by 2010.
snyperdud (on 30 December 2009)
Very good game.

Vastly overrated, but still good.
Sanzee (on 29 December 2009)
No. Fucking. Way
Killergran (on 29 December 2009)
8.6 million by 2010 sounds reasonable. That would mean 400k last week and 400k this week. Don't think it will do much more anyways. 9 million is out of reach.
Dgc1808 (on 29 December 2009)
That opening week still blows my mind...
headshot91 (on 26 December 2009)
8.6million? lol this will top halo 3 easily!
lurkerwithnosoul (on 25 December 2009)
Almost at 8 million, 8.6 mill will be easy. imo

Seece (on 25 December 2009)
8.6 mill by 2010?
donsterydo2 (on 25 December 2009)
Soon enough X360 will have 2x 10m sellers.
donsterydo2 (on 25 December 2009)
Ha ha ha. Easily 10m on X360 alone.
MirrorWorld (on 24 December 2009)
Yikes, this looks like it might reach 10m on the 360 alone!
Green Penguin (on 24 December 2009)
I still think that C.O.D.M.W.2 on 360 won't have constant sales in 2010(No Legs) and it won't reach 10 Million on 360 alone.
sabby_e17 (on 24 December 2009)
This will sell atleast 13 million copies.
Barozi (on 24 December 2009)
My prediction came true !

It's going to outsell the 360 version of CoD4 before 2010 !
Dgc1808 (on 22 December 2009)
I'd say those are pretty damn good legs considering its opening week.
slipknot01299 (on 20 December 2009)
This will outsell halo 3 soon.
numonex (on 17 December 2009)
This game will easily sell around 10 million copies on XBox 360.
down-down-down-down- (on 13 December 2009)
wow! fucking great numbers in america!
kopstudent89 (on 09 December 2009)
The legs are scrawny only because of the colossal first week. In fact the 2nd and 3rd weeks have done very well, i mean AC2 first week sales were identical to second week of MW2, nuf said
Smeags (on 06 December 2009)
Crazy numbers for sure... man, still can't believe what this game has achieved in three weeks. Simply great sales!
vashkey (on 06 December 2009)
Impressive. It's already outsold World at War and is now the 360's fourth best selling title.
IxisNaugus (on 27 November 2009)
I think america will have decent legs. Bit worried about Other's though...
Salnax (on 27 November 2009)
Crazy Numbers, bit the legs are scrawny. Week 2 is less than 80% of week 1.
Barozi (on 27 November 2009)
ioi lied
headshot91 (on 27 November 2009)
they were marked, IT DIDNT HAPPEN! lol
coolbeans (on 27 November 2009)
That's certainly the worst dip from 1st week to 2nd week ever seen for videogame sales. Suprised it couldn't rack in another mil but maybe Black Friday will bring it back up.
Sanzee (on 26 November 2009)
Good God Ya'll!
AnthonyW86 (on 25 November 2009)
Man this will actually outsell World at War in two weeks... same goes for the PS3 version. Crazy numbers...
toastboy44562 (on 25 November 2009)
6.1 million for tomorrows data mark my words
penguin (on 24 November 2009)
@ Ghazi4
Not a hard prediction whilst piracy is still possible on the 360 even though they will be banned if they play on live.

I predict if they figure a way to chip the PS3 sales of this game would be about 1 million lower,it's not hard to work out really...

Halo Reach will sell big maybe bigger but MW2 has had so much free publicity it's going to be close.
Ghazi4 (on 23 November 2009)
it passed 10 million and i predict that others sales for ps3 will surpass others sales for x360
Boneitis (on 22 November 2009)
I wonder how many copies will be sold by the end of 2009.

7 million doesn't sound crazy.
Sanzee (on 22 November 2009)
An excellent title, but I still wished Campaign would have been longer :[
Seece (on 21 November 2009)
1.2 mill next week
st_muscat0 (on 21 November 2009)
With Japan numbers maybe and I said maybe it can have a 5 million opening week, Halo 3 sold 60K in its first in Japan so MW2 on 360 stands a chance imo.
nickoB (on 21 November 2009)
wow holy shit.

the number scared me for a second there!

gj infinity ward!
Bagaren85 (on 21 November 2009)
Who could believe, back in 2000, that MS was going to release a console 2002 and 7 years later get the record for a game in opening weeks.

Fantastic achiviement!
Strategyking92 (on 21 November 2009)
I love this f'ing game.
Gearbox (on 20 November 2009)
* insert sometimes when 1 facepalm just doesn't cut it, use another facepalm here *
PlaystaionGamer (on 20 November 2009)
WOW! sold amazing on 360
haxxiy (on 20 November 2009)
@ blue7x7
*insert facepalm here*
blue7x7 (on 19 November 2009)
So is Vgchartz wrong or something since Activision themselves said it sold 4.1 something like that and Vgchartz said 7 million hmmmm.....
Aion (on 19 November 2009)
uh this is so good.
Boneitis (on 19 November 2009)
@ Chrizum
I find it unlikely this game will sell 60K first week in Japan. But its possible considering Gears 2 did about 50K.
Chrizum (on 19 November 2009)
With Japan, it will break 5 million first week.

Barozi (on 19 November 2009)
At least 1m second week.
donsterydo2 (on 19 November 2009)
I predict 600k on X360 the second week.
Bagaren85 (on 19 November 2009)
Holy beast! Its a monster. Salewise.

360 ftw!
sonicshuffle (on 19 November 2009)
I knew it would sell good. But this good?
c0rd (on 19 November 2009)
I think Halo 3 has a good shot at keeping the top 360 spot. MW2's legs won't be like the original.

Ridiculous opening though.
donsterydo2 (on 19 November 2009)
When MW3 hits stores MW2 will be about 11m. Second 10m seller for X360, and next year we will see third - Halo: Reach
Barozi (on 19 November 2009)
Well you're right about that.

Halo 3 only sold 36,8% of it's current total sales on it's first week.

GTA IV did 44,7% first week. Halo launched earlier, so the adjusted percentage for GTA IV would be ~43%.

2 years from now MW2 could have sales of:
Halo 3 legs: 13,4m
GTA IV legs: 11,5m

However I think the Halo scenario is more realistic.
coolbeans (on 19 November 2009)
Wow, I in no way expected this to sell about 1 million+ more than Halo 3 it's first week. Crazy sales
Mendoza85 (on 19 November 2009)
these kind of game sell the 40-50% in the first week...(and yes, my english suck)
Barozi (on 19 November 2009)
lol easily a 10m seller.
My guess is about 13-14m
Mendoza85 (on 19 November 2009)
9 millions lifetime, not more.
Seece (on 18 November 2009)
ANother 10 million seller for the 360 incoming!
Bagaren85 (on 17 November 2009)
Of the year aka GOTY 2009!
Bagaren85 (on 17 November 2009)
Cant wait to start play one of the best game with best MP support.

Strategyking92 (on 16 November 2009)
one of the best single player campaigns for an fps that's for sure.. Shame it was kind of short though, even on hardened it was only 7 hours.
ArcticGabe (on 15 November 2009)
Can't wait for sales figures
Rawnchie14 (on 12 November 2009)
@ Boneitis

More like 3 million for the PS3 lol - but good guess, think this game surprised us all by demolishing all previous records! Amazing game!
SHMUPGurus (on 12 November 2009)
Seriously surprised by the amount of new stuff they've put into this game. I wasn't disappointed at all with the single player. Great atmosphere enhanced with the music, shocking moments and awesome guns to use. Why did I even doubt Infinity Ward? xD
Aion (on 12 November 2009)
best game ever
Bagaren85 (on 12 November 2009)
Sale monster!
Boneitis (on 11 November 2009)
Wow, and I thought my 3 million prediction was high.

It even smashed the San Andreas sales with a fraction of the userbase. Amazing stuff.
haxxiy (on 11 November 2009)
One-week 5m seller. Amazing haha.
Barozi (on 11 November 2009)
5+ million sales 1st week incoming !!!!
Boneitis (on 11 November 2009)
I'm guessing it sold like 3 million first week on the 360. This is the game 360 owners have been waiting for.

PS3 will probably be 1.5 or 2 million.
IxisNaugus (on 10 November 2009)
Got myself a copy yesterday. Am very happy because i took full advantage of Sainsbury's mega deal with this game for 26 instead of paying the ridiculous 55 that video game specialists are selling it for.

Screw you Activision!
zaMy (on 10 November 2009)
might sell more then Halo3 first week one 360 alone..
squall747 (on 09 November 2009)
Going tonight to pick it up at 12:00.
Aion (on 08 November 2009)
Great game, im loving it so far.
DashedWarfare (on 06 November 2009)
it will sell like 300million on xbox and 250 million on ps3 but lets see what halo reach sales will be first week now that will be interesting
yungmagic09 (on 05 November 2009)
I can't wait, only a few more days until I get to play.
haxxiy (on 03 November 2009)
And, mmm, 8m lifetime.
cacafina (on 23 October 2009)
hey is it true that this is getting published by S-E in japan?
AnthonyW86 (on 16 October 2009)
If this were a 360 exclusive it would have left Halo 3 in the dust. I expect 3.5 million first week ww on 360 alone, mayby even more. And up to 6 million total first week.
haxxiy (on 16 September 2009)
I predict 3m first week WW.
coolbeans (on 18 August 2009)
lolwut CoD hate? One guy posted on here and said the MP sucked.
FootballFan (on 26 July 2009)
I personally thought it was the best online multiplayer game ever created.

I dont see how it "sucked"

Whats with all the CoD hate?
coolbeans (on 18 June 2009)
lol I'm not gonna agree with MAFKKA, but I do find CoD4's MP quite overrated considering most of the maps on their are from the SP. Do I think it sucks? No, but it's certainly not "near perfect" as people have claimed it to be.
Carl2291 (on 18 June 2009)
Last one sucked on MP? Are you sane?!?!
MAFKKA (on 18 June 2009)
Last one sucked MP wise. Hope this will be better.
CatFangs806 (on 25 May 2009)
First day purchase, I hope.
halogamer1989 (on 22 January 2009)
Don't soil your draws, cause its deep and its hard bi)(h, Griggs! Hoo-rah!

Can't wait!
segajon (on 04 December 2008)
Fuck yea. Call of Duty back in Infinity Ward's hands!

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lordmandeep (on 12 November 2011)
13 million lifetime+
yo_john117 (on 28 October 2011)
Yeah I suppose MW3 will boost it's sales
Kizmi (on 13 October 2011)
oh yes it will.
yo_john117 (on 24 September 2011)
Wonder if it can get to 13 million
Mythe (on 13 June 2011)
@ yahoocom1984 lol good one.
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