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11/04/08 Gamecock
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10/24/08 Atari

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All creatures of ancient myth, legend and lore are real. They've just been sealed away for thousands of years inside Pandora's box, waiting ... for you ... in Legendary. When a thief named Deckard is hired to steal an ancient artifact, he unwittingly triggers a war between man and myth.

Griffons rule the skies, werewolves tear the innocent limb from limb, and cities are held under siege as creatures we'd dismissed as imaginings of our ancestors prove to be very real and very angry for being held prisoner for untold millennia. As the only person able to return these creatures to the box, Deckard finds that he must work with a shadowy secret society to save civilization before it is torn apart by tooth and claw.

  • Legend meets reality: Modern military firepower confronts the tooth and claw of legend in a massive, blockbuster experience with spectacular run and gun firefights and battles.
  • Dynamic environments: Skyscrapers fall and your world crumbles around you. See London burn to the ground and witness New York torn apart in spectacular supernatural destruction, as modern society faces the beasts of myth.
  • Incredible and unnerving A.I.: Werewolves scale vertical  walls in an effort to find a path to you, and beware, for they will use environmental objects to gain an advantage.
  • Awesome battles: Take on enemies from the size of a child all the way up to spectacular titan creatures tens of stories tall.



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Opinion (9)

T.Rexington posted 25/02/2012, 09:11
I don't care what anybody says, I thought this was a solid and fun shooter that was just short of it's potential world interaction. It wanted to be Bioshock, but it seems like they ran out of time and money which would be a shame. I always dreamed of a sequel so hopefully that'll happen one day.
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 03:35
I couldnt beat minotaur in the demo. MINOTAUR! MINOTAUR!
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monlosez posted 21/04/2009, 01:32
This game is hard.
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terislb posted 01/02/2009, 04:18
i salute the 40 000 people who were blind deaf and unfortunate enough to actually buy this
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toastboy44562 posted 19/11/2008, 02:11
million seller confirmed!!!
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shanezx posted 14/11/2008, 01:51
what a flop this game is
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