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11/04/08 Ubisoft
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11/21/08 Ubisoft

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Real Soccer 2009 is the definitive soccer title designed specifically for the Nintendo DS and its unique capabilities. The game offers a never-before-seen soccer experience with revolutionary yet accessible Touch Screen controls (e.g. fake opponents by drawing a circle to perform a roulette). With 198 teams using real players’ names, dynamic AI opponents and 3D graphics that push the DS to the max, the player will feel as close to being a real professional soccer player as possible. Real Soccer 2009 is the true benchmark that this platform deserves for soccer games. Take your best shot on the DS!


  • Exclusive Nintendo DS stylus controls allow you to easily perform the most amazing soccer moves on the Touch Screen.
  • A multiplayer mode to face up to 3 friends in heated tournaments (Multi-Card Play).
  • 6 different leagues and 198 teams (national and club) with real players’ names thanks to the FIFPro license.
  • Experience the atmosphere of 12 great soccer stadiums including Milan, Manchester, and Madrid.
  • Manage the team’s strategy using the Nintendo DS stylus in real time during the match.
  • A true-to-life soccer experience thanks to detailed animations and realistic teammate and opponent behaviors.

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arsenal009 posted 03/11/2008, 11:06
What the heck. Why is Cesc on the cover of a ubi game O_o

BTW, that trailer is waay off.
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