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Planet Rescue: Wildlife Vet


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10/21/08 Ubisoft
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11/28/08 Ubisoft

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Play as a young vet, who has just opened their first animal clinic. Take care of your neighbors’ domesticated pets, as well as the local exotic baby animals.

Diagnose, cure, observe and heal the animals to gain your clients’ confidence and respect.

Uncover the mystery behind the animals’ illnesses. Investigate to find out if the local factory could be polluting the rivers and thus be causing the animals’ diseases.

Face real challenges on the journey to becoming a great veterinarian, and possibly join one of the world’s most prestigious NGOs.

Key Features:

  • More than 30 missions: travel around the world, heal endangered exotic animals, or directly treat the animals in the clinic
  • Use the Wii Remote™ to perform realistic actions: rescue, diagnose and treat more than 22 different species, including sea turtles, panthers, giraffes, panda bears, zebras, kangaroos, elephants and penguins
  • Take care of your own baby tiger: feed it with a baby bottle, clean it, play ball and other games with it, and pay special attention to it so that it doesn’t get sick
  • Multiplayer mode for two players
  • Rescue animals in competitive mini-games:
  • Saw a tree trunk in a limited amount of time to get to the injured animals inside
  • Heal a turtle by replacing the turtle’s shell as quickly as possible
  • Balance on a wood log to get to the other side of a river

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megamario621 posted 30/10/2008, 03:29
i loled at the box art. That elephant is gonna snap her arm off
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