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03/31/09 Valcon Games
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In the past the most famous fishing and sea crop company namely “Offshore” was established by Thomas’s grandpa who was an expert in sea harvesting. After Thomas’s grandpa died in 1907, his family has inherited the Offshore Company from generation to generation. Thomas was the tenth to continue the well being of Offshore Company. His ambition was to drive the company worldwide and be known as the most famous sea harvester. But it was not as easy as he wished. He had to expand more branches to attract his customers around the world. Therefore, he started his ambition by setting up Offshore Company at Offshore City first. And now he is ready to show how cool he is in the sea world.

Offshore Tycoon is a casual time management simulator in which the player has to take control of harvesting equipment such as fishing trawlers, oil tankers and more. Every task has to be managed and completed quickly and efficiently in order to make money and in turn to progress.

Taking on the role of the Offshore Tycoon, players will travel the globe to five exciting themed levels, each of which consist of ten levels with their own varieties of fish, stylized look and feel. There’s even a Gallery Mode which allows players to learn more about the different breeds of fish encountered in-game, with each variety of fish being unlocked as players reach new locales.


  • Three modes of play, Story Mode, Survival Mode and Gallery Mode.
  • 4 addictive mini games
  • Upgradeable port and ships to really engage the player
  • 5 themed areas, each with 10 levels
  • A true pick up and play feel; suitable for anyone

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