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09/12/05 Sony Online Entertainment
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09/16/05 Ubisoft

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Desert of Flames uncovers the last fragments of the continent of Antonica.

Players will discover the fate of Grobb, historic capital of the trolls, and they will track the history it shares with the infamous dungeon city of Guk. But the sands of the nearby desert of Ro hold their own secrets.

The Dervish Cutthroats have raised a city of chaos and thievery in the hopes of grabbing what they can of the Shattered Lands. The ancient Ashen Order of monks looks on, but they are unable to oppose the bandit kings.

The once tranquil order is fragmenting from internal strife, unable to rule itself.

Continue the quest for ever-shifting adventure in the exotic Desert of Flames, where fiendish plot twists and elaborate lore combine to challenge and exhilarate players of all levels.

Train and battle creatures within the Dervish city of Maj’Dul, experience a new style of player character movement and investigate the incredible lives and legends of the mysterious inhabitants of the ancient land of Ro.

Who can say what fate these last islands will find?

  • Rediscover the last remnants of antonica!
     10 new zones and epic encounters
  • Level cap increase to 60
     expanded spells, combat arts, trade and heroic opportunities
  • Freedom of movement
     support for vertical movement via climbing
  • Monster battle (first step in pvp integration)
     player-controlled monsters in arenas within the city of maj’dul
  • Guild features
     guild vault, guild/social structure additions
  • Voice-overs macro/emotes
     players can use emotes with vo associated with them

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