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ウィー ラブ ゴルフ!


Camelot Software Planning



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07/15/08 Capcom
12/13/07 Capcom
07/04/08 Capcom

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We Love Golf! - Summary

We Love Golf!™ presents a realistic golfing experience with a fresh new spin incorporating the Wii Remote’s unique motion-sensing functionality. Players will use the controller to choose clubs, line up shots, swing and even add a touch fade or draw with a flick of the wrist. Just as on a real course, gauging wind conditions, correct club selection and careful reading of the greens are all essential for victory.

A variety of game modes, multiple characters, unlockable content, and online gameplay will provide endless hours of putting heaven.

  • Fully immersive golf game turns your Wiimote into a virtual set
    of clubs
  • New online game modes bring the links to life with Friend Play and World Play
  • True-to-life golf physics and dramatic telecast style presentation
  • Multiple game modes ranging from tournament, character matches, stroke play, special mini-games and more
  • Unlock new characters, courses, and outfits including classic Capcom characters: Apollo Justice, Arthur, Chun-Li, Jill Valentine, and more!
  • Two exclusive characters and online modes created for the western audience
  • Utilize your personalized Mii’s for the ultimate customized game
  • Created in partnership with Camelot Software Planning

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Zornica posted 20/05/2009, 07:48
mh... ok, golden sun 3 is next, right?
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DOLBYdigital posted 18/01/2009, 10:23
To be honest it was really bad timing for this game. They waited forever and released it right before Tiger 09 came out.
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jpelles posted 19/09/2008, 08:49
Capcom droped the ball on this one. This is made my Camelot. The guys who made Sony and Nintendo's hugely popular golf games such a huge success.

I've seen no advertising for this game at all.
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Strategyking92 posted 26/07/2008, 06:55
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arsenal009 posted 24/07/2008, 03:06
can we combine this with the japan one please
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