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10/19/08 MTV Games
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03/27/09 MTV Games

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Rock Band 2 - Summary

Harmonix, developers of the blockbuster Guitar Hero® and Rock Band™ franchises, are delivering Rock Band™ 2, a continuation of the Rock Band platform that lets audiences of all ages experience and interact with music in an all-new way. Rock Band 2 lets players vicariously jam out as some of the best guitarists, bassists, drummers and singers of all time. Rock Band 2 delivers the most authentic and ambitious music game to date – by challenging rockers to master lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals with a polished, streamlined, and amazingly fun and challenging experience. Rock Band 2 features a track list that puts all other music games to shame with more than 100 on disc and free downloadable tracks from some of the most hallowed bands of the rock pantheon.

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Total Sales
1 n/a 87,143 n/a 15,378 102,521
2 n/a 27,099 n/a 4,782 31,881
3 n/a 19,347 n/a 3,414 22,761
4 n/a 16,918 n/a 2,986 19,904
5 n/a 19,467 n/a 3,435 22,902
6 n/a 40,156 n/a 7,086 47,242
7 n/a 32,160 n/a 5,675 37,835
8 n/a 44,718 n/a 7,891 52,609
9 n/a 47,942 n/a 8,460 56,402
10 n/a 43,777 n/a 7,725 51,502

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osamanobama posted 07/04/2011, 06:16
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Smeags posted 28/11/2010, 02:00
It's been at a million for a while now (with missing EMEAA data). I hope ioi adds this data for both the PS3 and the Wii version so finally get 'em over the million gap!
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Iveyboi posted 19/11/2010, 02:17
1 million!
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postofficebuddy posted 25/10/2010, 02:58
I've taken a bit of a break from it but I've been thinking about getting back into this for some trophies. I really wish we had European data for this.
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realill posted 26/02/2010, 05:15
Bought it and got my Rockband Hardware Bundle from amazon.de recently. It is way too cheap.
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Hidalgo posted 24/01/2010, 12:16
Oh noez... It's been adjusted down 80k... T_T.

Rock Band 2 has gained momentum during Christmas in EU thanks to word of mouth. I wish we could see Others sales...
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