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03/27/07 Disney Interactive Studios
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03/30/07 Disney Interactive Studios

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The Family of the Future needs you! The evil Little Doris and other vilains have invaded the Robinson Mansion and enslaved everyone. Play as Wilbur or Lewis to rescue all of your family members and neutralize Little Doris once and for all. Activate cool gadgets and fly the Robinson time machine, as you blast away on 20 new misslons...beyond the movie!

  • Battle villains from the movie and new ones, too: Little Doris and Mega Doris
  • Collect blueprints to create inventions and activate mini-games
  • Target enemies with the Meatball Cannon
  • Scan areas for invisible switches and platforms with your Holo-Map
  • Get an extra boost in your jump with the Rocket Boots
  • Drag objects out of the way with the Gravitron
  • Stop! Put a break on moving objects and enemies
  • Fire gooey dough at enemies with the Pizza Gun
  • Clear big pits in the ground with Hover Boots
  • Discover Franny's Frogs, Little Dorises, and presents to unlock new surprises
  • Activate the Time reverser to put objects back in their place
  • Collect character portraits, action figures and time machine prototypes
  • Complete the story mode to access to bonus modes with Doris, the mini time machine and more


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