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12/12/02 Electronic Arts

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Don't be fooled by its cartoony look--Cel Damage Overdrive has enough frantic vehicle combat to satisfy both mature and young gamers alike. You'll take command of four main characters--each one with their unique machine of destruction--and battle across fantastic environments. Whether you race to earn Smack Points in a head-to-head Battle Race, or gather flags in Capture-the-Flag, the game has a variety of gameplay modes to test your tactics and skill. Different weapons and power-ups add excitement to the game.

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Kresnik posted 20/07/2012, 07:38
Criminally overlooked game. A simple death racer - think Twisted Metal - with a cartoony twist. Although short, it was absolutely heaps of fun, and it's downloadable on the PSN. If you're thinking about it, definitely go ahead and buy it.
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