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01/01/92 Tengen
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HYDRA: The Rivers of Death!

      Enemy thieves are trying to steal the greatest treasures in Hydra.
These are no ordinary museum pieces. Each of these valuable artifacts
hides an important piece of the secret weapon needed to defeat
the enemy. So the government issued you an experimental speed boat.
You must use this powerful craft to navigate the treacherous rivers
of Hydra and collect the treasures from the secret checkpoints
before the enemy thieves get them first. If you succeed, you will
be a very popular guy. Fail and you'll be all wet.

      Somebody has to be a hero and it might as well be you. In your super-advanced speedboat, you  must deliver top-secret military equipment to various parts of the world. Fame and riches await you - but so do pitfalls and danger!

This summary is from the game's manual.

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