Defend Your Castle

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Platform: WiiAlso on: iOS
Developer: XGen Studios Genre: Strategy

Release History

Defend Your Castle XGenStudiosNorth America12th May 2008Retail
Defend Your Castle XGenStudiosEurope01st August 2008Retail

Game Overview

Defend Your Castle is a strategy game developed by XGen Studios and released on iOS, Wii.

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SJGohan3972 (on 28 April 2009)
They just released an iPhone port of
this version, plays well on the iPhone
too, god I love Defend Your Castle - an
all around great little game.
Sherlock99 (on 06 April 2009)
not bad for only 500 points
vonboy (on 10 March 2009)
no, you can still have your trigger
finger intact around level 100 if you
plan things right. you want about even
stocks of archers mages and stonemasons,
and you want to avoid using suicide
bombers as much as possible. also
convert whenever you have a chance.
believe me, the game is A LOT easier
when you have about 1000 of everything .
even at level 100, they are pushovers. i
havn't tried to get higher yet, or
tried heroic either. maybe i'll get a
chance to in a few days.
sennaho (on 26 October 2008)
This game rocks! I just got my wii
couple of days ago! Got the internet to
work today, and bought it! I always
loved the web-based version, but this
one is even better! And the multiplayer
rocks! @famous did you get to level 102
by yourself or in multiplayer?
Finnbar (on 27 July 2008)
@ famous
IS your thumb this intact? lvl
102 insane!
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