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06/10/08 Eidos Interactive
07/16/09 Interchannel
06/13/08 Eidos Interactive

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The Most Refreshing Breath of Air on the Nintendo DS!

Using your stylus, save lost spirits by steering them to safety in mystical bubbles. The spirits are fragile and need your protection as you navigate across numerous levels, throught eight dark-and sometimes hostile-Worlds. Master your Bubble control skills and become a true Spirit Herder!



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1 n/a 3,477 n/a 614 4,091
2 n/a 2,426 n/a 428 2,854
3 n/a 2,114 n/a 373 2,487
4 n/a 1,770 n/a 312 2,082
5 n/a 1,650 n/a 291 1,941
6 n/a 1,647 n/a 291 1,938
7 n/a 1,392 n/a 246 1,638
8 n/a 1,323 n/a 233 1,556
9 n/a 1,122 n/a 198 1,320
10 n/a 980 n/a 173 1,153

Opinion (6)

Arfen posted 04/07/2011, 10:52
love this game. it's very unknown & underrated
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ElRhodeo posted 24/12/2008, 05:30
Almost finished - a flawless game, love it! Great level design, perfect controls, gets a lot trickier towards the end.
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ElRhodeo posted 17/12/2008, 10:50
Just bought it and played the first 3 levels - a bit easy and boring so far, but I guess it will be getting better :)
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salaminizer posted 08/12/2008, 01:45
awesome game! about 50% of the game is a breeze and sometimes it's boring. however, the last 4 worlds are surprisingly amazing, because you think the game can't pull off tricks anymore and yet it DOES.
it's the kind of game that should be done on WiiWare or something like that to be more successful!
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*~Onna76~* posted 03/12/2008, 09:58
I've played the demo download from the Wii and ordered the game right away from DVD.co.uk. Very much a Lost Wind look alike when it comes to GFX and sound and originality. Must have!
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*~Onna76~* posted 07/06/2008, 10:29
I've seen trailers this game looks mighty original a must buy for me
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