Red Steel

Global Total as of 05th Apr 2014 (units): 0.66m
Platform: Wii
Developer: Ubisoft Paris Genre: Shooter

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DieAppleDie (on 13 January 2013)
lol pretty sure this sold more than 20k in the EU
fmjasinski (on 27 December 2012)
Sales need to be fixed.
Chrizum, where do you get this number?
Chrizum (on 17 March 2012)
This game has sold 1.25 million.
*Yoshi* (on 18 December 2011)
What happen with Europe sales!!!!
Arfen (on 14 December 2011)
ey guys, you have wrong numbers on this!
Arfen (on 03 December 2011)
?? what??? this game was million seller confirmed long time ago XD
Iveyboi (on 01 August 2011)
Trying it for the first time. Not too bad for launch title I guess
DeltaXIII (on 01 December 2010)
I would've given it about a 7.5 since the game itself is alright and can be fun to play multiplayer, but knocked off .5 because twice during the main game, I encountered bugs that forced me to restart from a previous save.
Venox2008 (on 19 November 2010)
I liked this game very much and don't care what critics said
torchmoney1 (on 06 February 2010)
ubisoft got the best graphic engine on the wii
ash3336 (on 26 January 2010)
I don't know why critics said the graphics were not impressive. I thought the graphics were really good for a launch title.
DarkFury (on 13 September 2009)
Considering how incredibly hard this game was slammed in the reviews, it sold pretty damn well.
dizzydee_011 (on 16 August 2009)
I was expecting this game to suck with all the bad reviews this game received, but it was surprisingly good.
palancas7 (on 06 July 2009)
All of a sudden this stopped selling? -_-
Stopped being tracked a long time ago.
intro94 (on 08 May 2009)
told you Naruto,waw outsold this already.Surely RS2 will sell way more than the 1st
Vil3 (on 01 April 2009)
started playing this today...was pretty funny.. :) have put 2 hours into it and the I have some problems with the aiming...but when you learn how to do and moves the aim a bit slower it becomes great :D ...
naruto3336 (on 26 March 2009)
YEAH!!! Hope this has some inspiration for redsteel 2.
OmegaRugalv3 (on 26 March 2009)
... it just received a bump sales wise
naruto3336 (on 22 March 2009)
This game has one of the best graphics on the wii.
intro94 (on 19 March 2009)
ermm naruto.give waw 3 months, simple as that.
almajovem (on 16 March 2009)
good game, not tha bad all, its fun
naruto3336 (on 15 March 2009)
Best selling FPS on the wii. This is pitiful. Either we need more sales on this or more sales on another FPS.
mandisc (on 15 March 2009)
lol at the redsteel weakness
SnowFlow (on 22 February 2009)
Thinking about picking this game up if it's cheap. Art style reminds me of Rainbow Six which I liked.
johnsobas (on 08 January 2009)
well it got the award for 200k in the UK quite a while ago so the sales are probably higher in europe.
TheConduit (on 30 December 2008)
Took me a few min to get used to the controls but fun overall FPS recommendations
1: better visuals still cell shaded
2: motion plus for sword fighting
3: co-op game play
4: online
5: Wii-speak for voice chat
6: tighter controls
Do all this and its a guarantee hit
Frinaldo (on 16 November 2008)
just got the game and I have played 45min and I can say that if it wasn't for the bad gun control the game is fun to play but nothing special. Already looking forward to RS2 next year

will be a little more in depth review of red steel on my web page in a few days when I have beaten the game
OmegaRugalv3 (on 13 October 2008)
Yup ... this game isn't bad at all ....IF ... and I do mean IF can get use to the controls.

Part 2 should not have a problem with that at all and the sword combat should be greatly improved.
thetonestarr (on 08 October 2008)
I want to know how many of the people calling this such a terrible game actually played it.

Because honestly, it's not that bad at all. And it's definitely fun multiplayer. Shame there are so few levels and they're so small.
11ht11 (on 29 September 2008)
this game had one weakness...
Chrizum (on 07 September 2008)
Severely undertracked. The game hasn't been tracked in Europe since end 2007. It probably already sold over 600k in Europe alone.
thekitchensink (on 29 August 2008)
Yeah--this game isn't too bad--it's fun in small does, I'll put it that way.
kopstudent89 (on 14 August 2008)
yeah i didnt think it was a bad launch game, especially for a wii game... unfortunately ubisoft didnt make things right after that with the crap they're announcing... Red Steel 2 will be the the final strike honestly...
amp316 (on 20 July 2008)
This game was good for when it came out. I just wanted to say that due to all of the negative wall posts.
Pretendo (on 07 July 2008)
1,000,000 people got tricked into buying this game.
trestres (on 03 July 2008)
Worst gaem on the Wii after Far Cry: Vengeance.

Ubisoft is a crappy company.
11ht11 (on 11 June 2008)
your kidding right? games like ninjabread man are the worst
toastboy44562 (on 11 June 2008)
this is the worst game on the wii what a dissapointment
llewdebkram (on 25 May 2008)
Great it's a million seller for Ubisoft, especially as they were initially one of the very few companies to back the Wii.
ClaudeLv250 (on 16 April 2008)
What happened to the sales?
bigjon (on 16 April 2008)
sales f'ed up...
Narfer (on 05 April 2008)
I really liked this game (own it). And hey, its a million WW seller. And it was possible to become very precise with the sword fighting and I thought it was cool and worked well.
MeowTheMouse (on 28 March 2008)
ur first fps experience with the wii makes the game enjoyable. Still this doesnt mean that the game is a classic. However its not as bad as some people claim but obviously it wasnt polished
OmegaRugalv3 (on 20 March 2008)
The controls for MP3 DO blow Red Steel's away.

Were you using Advanced in MP3?
The Ghost of RubangB (on 19 March 2008)
Swordplay control problems aside, I enjoyed the cheesy 80's action movie plot and dialogue. The ending was awesome and hilarious too.
kopstudent89 (on 26 January 2008)
wonder how red steel 2 will be...
Hookman (on 10 January 2008)
Hate it. Never passed the second level. It takes an hour to turn around....
Sherlock99 (on 04 January 2008)
loved this game
Leni (on 24 December 2007)
come on......this game was awesome.....and the controls made it awesome....

who cares about the f****** reviews when it is a million seller..... :)
amp316 (on 17 December 2007)
I love how a lot of people say that the controls on this are awful and that the controls for MP3 are the greatest controls on a FPS ever. Don't get me wrong , they are better, but basically they are the same as this game but cleaned up a bit. This game was unfortunately rushed a bit to make the release date. If it had a bit more development time people would be calling it a masterpiece. I thought the controls would have been perfect if tightened up a bit like MP3 . They didn't "suck". If Ubisoft comes out with sequel, puts a little more time into it, and calls it something other then Red Steel people would love it. This game was very ambitious and deserves more credit then it deservses. Its definitely worth the price tag now.
Myahon (on 23 November 2007)
The game was glitchy, the enemy AI was moronic and still dead-eye aims, and you have to adjust your TV brightness cause they make it to dark to see anything. The sword play isn't deep and it doesn't always read your gun maiming right.
Despite all this I really liked it. And look forward to a sequel that fixes the screw ups. I recomend this bargain bin game
damkira (on 27 August 2007)
I really didn't care for this game.. the controls were awful.
Kenkaku (on 23 July 2007)
Well, there's always Red Steel 2.
tacoking (on 08 June 2007)
I thought everything was "fine" for the game, except for the sword fighting. It's was...simply put...very annoying. Multiplayer was pretty lame as well.
Entroper (on 06 June 2007)
This is a game that would've benefited greatly from some more development time; unfortunately, Ubisoft needed to release it at launch, so it was lacking in polish.

I found the controls quite good -- I think the implementation was spot on. Unfortunately, the game suffers from a low framerate, which makes it difficult to control. I think the reason people have trouble with the controls in this game isn't because of the control scheme, but because the low framerate makes the game slow to respond to your input. This combined with underwhelming graphics even for a Gamecube title makes the presentation rather poor.
naznatips (on 05 June 2007)
Great job!
DonWii (on 05 June 2007)
This one was a bit harder. Good game IMO, but flawed.

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DieAppleDie (on 13 January 2013)
lol pretty sure this sold more than 20k
in the EU
fmjasinski (on 27 December 2012)
Sales need to be fixed.
Chrizum, where
do you get this number?
Chrizum (on 17 March 2012)
This game has sold 1.25 million.
*Yoshi* (on 18 December 2011)
What happen with Europe sales!!!!
Arfen (on 14 December 2011)
ey guys, you have wrong numbers on this!
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