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01/02/90 Acclaim Entertainment
11/24/89 Atlus
01/02/90 Nintendo

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      Every body's run into Kwirks-
like when your shoe laces got tied together, or socks never matched... and behind it all was the original- Kwirk himself.

       But now, Kwirk, the Chilled Tomato, is in a bit of a stew. Somebody has set a trap for his main squeeze, Tammy and Kwirk's the only truckin' tomato with a chance to rescue her from this puzzling predicament.

      With Kwirk, you'll mash through many a maze, move bunches of blockers, outwit plenty, of pits. And just when you the labyrinth is licked... a trickier one appears.

      So put on your shades, get your thinker in gear, and remember... Tammy's only got one hope... you!

  • Hundreds of tricky predicaments.
  • 3 game play modes and variable skill levels add to the challenge.
  • Transcribed By NintendoMonopoly

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