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12/15/08 Nintendo
07/28/06 Nintendo
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Available through Club Nintendo for 800 coins, the Game & Watch Collection brings you back in time with three of the original Game & Watch games on one DS card.

Games Included:

  • Oil Panic
  • Donkey Kong
  • Green House

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Opinion (16)

Tammi posted 18/11/2011, 06:37
Nice to see some of Nintendo's first games...
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mysticwolf posted 10/03/2010, 09:30
Sweet!! I have this game!!1
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drakesfortune posted 11/12/2009, 04:59
I just got this because it was the only thing I was even remotely interested in with my coins. It looks like it sells for $30 to $35 on eBay. I can't imagine it's worth keeping at that price, so I'm probably going to put it on eBay.
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valen200 posted 12/11/2009, 08:43
i'm at 460 coins. buying NSMBW for another 50. post play survey should be another 100-110 for all games. I need to talk to nintendo and double check my vc games are registered.
I have seen no mention of them, so need to confirm. If they are I should have it.if not a fw hundred away.
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16-bit gamer posted 06/11/2009, 11:28
i just bought it! now i have zero coins =[...800 coins is a bit much for this i think
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Roflinator posted 19/12/2008, 01:00
i doubt there'd be much games on club nintendo

I'm dying for a SNES controller however...
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