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Platform: WiiAlso on: Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment Genre: Platform

Release History

Castlevania Konami Digital EntertainmentEurope23rd March 2007Retail
Castlevania Konami Digital EntertainmentNorth America30th April 2007Retail
Akumajou Dracula Konami Digital EntertainmentJapan17th July 2007Retail

Game Overview

Castlevania, known in Japan as Akumajo Dracula, is an action-platformer that was developed and published by Konami. Initially, it was released for the Famicom Disk System in Japan in September of 1986, but was later ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in May of 1987 and then in Europe in 1988.

The game is the very first one released in the Castlevania series of games, which usually focuses on hunting down Dracula. It has been ported to a variety of different platforms, including but not limited to the Commodore 64, Game Boy Advance, Wii's Virtual Console, as well as the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console. Castlevania has been highly rated by numerous publications, including being rated as the 22nd best game made on a Nintendo system by Nintendo Power.


happydolphin (on 16 June 2012)
Fantastic game. Just beat the first
difficulty mode, getting ready for the
second, very challenging.
undergroundfrog (on 26 June 2011)
good CV game
Soma (on 06 November 2009)
Just finished this game for the first
time! Really hard to beat Death. I
can't imagine beating this game on the
Nes. Would had taken a LOT of time and
dizzydee_011 (on 04 October 2009)
Look at that kick ass boxart.
Soma (on 30 December 2008)
My Santa gave me this game! Awesome!
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