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01/01/91 Electronic Arts
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01/01/91 Electronic Arts

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Dark Castle - Summary

It's dark! It's dangerous! It's downright devious! You've got smarts, a buff bod, and a pocketful of rocks. Now, climb the ramparts of Dark Castle and dethrone the Black Knight. Hosts of nasty creatures protect him. Dispatch these lackeys or the Black Knight will eat your lunch! Maneuver through a maze of ropes to evade death-dealing rodents. Hurl fantastical fireballs at dive-bombing vultures and menacing mutants. Penetrate the Black Knight's wicked and well-protected inner sanctum. Clobber his horrific henchmen and snatch the precious key.

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DOLBYdigital posted 24/06/2009, 09:03
Well I guess this is the closest I can find to the original Dark Castle game that came out in 1986 for the Mac. It was in black and white and was basically one of the first games to use the keyboard AND mouse at the same time.

Keep in mind this was the time when Macs were 'crazy' because they had a keyboard AND mouse while PCs just used keyboards.

This was probably the first game I ever played and could be blamed for the life long addiction I have had to games since.

I still remember the sound effects which were golden and having a hard time crossing the swamp with the jet pack.... yeah the good ole days ;)
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