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05/15/95 Sega
12/08/95 Sega
12/29/95 Sega

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Bug! - Summary

Meet BUG!, the gnat-brained action hero with a little talent, a bit of style and a big dose of ego. This is his big break - a starring role in a major motion interactive game. The plot: bitchy widow Queen Cadavra has nabbed all his pals. BUG! has to save them before she eats them for lunch!

  • Fabulous SGI-rendered 3D characters, real-time 3D scenarios, platform play mechanics, and even a stunt BUG! - Squeak Preview
  • Six acts, 18 totally infested stages. Stink bugs, beetles, spiders and bees. You'll want to shave half your hair and set the other half on fire. - Rolling Flea
  • This jerk spits gobs of bug juice! I kept checking my popcorn for loogies! - Live Fast, Die Young Gaming
  • Straight from the pooch's back to you. A flea-blown actor takes the role of the baddest superhero on Sega Saturn ... But can he act? - Worm Digest
  • I thought he stunk but my ant liked him. - Bug Illustrated

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