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03/20/07 Konami
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11/30/07 Konami

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Steel Horizon offers players complete control of Naval fleets in a series of missions within a fictional scenario featuring well-known World War II battles. The game is inspired by popular pulp fiction stories set during World War II, and delves into the key events and characters behind historic battles. Its scenario tells of a shady third party pulling the strings to orchestrate the war, using futuristic technology to advance the carnage for their own ends.

Players compete in both turn based and also real time strategy battles, plotting moves and attacks in the turn based section and getting hands on by switching to the real time combat mode where they’ll be in charge of firing and reloading the weapons. The emphasis is not on trying to blast everything that moves however, as the player will often leave their vessels exposed and in significant danger.

Keeping the right ships afloat is key, as the player will need certain craft to enable to them gain new bases and increase their fleet and others, like Submarines, to take out the heavyweight attack carriers of your enemy.

As you would expect with a game of this nature, it’s perfect for two-player action and the wireless connections of both machines enables friends to compete against each other. With 20 single player missions to take on and the option to customise the player’s own flagship, there’s plenty to get stuck into.


Source - www.Konami.com

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