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01/01/91 NEC
07/06/90 Hudson Soft
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Super Star Soldier is a classic, vertically scrolling shooting game.  In addition to the NORMAL GAME, there are 2-minute and 5-minute Time Attack Modes, and a mode where high scores can be checked. 

A NORMAL GAME is made up of 8 different stages, and in each stage (except Stage 7), a boss awaits you at the end.  The Special Attack Squad, led by the Mother Brain, has launched an all-out invasion of the Earth. 

Take your small-scale fighter, the Neo Caesar, with its arsenal of 4 regular weapons and 2 special weapons, and send them back where they belong!


From: www.nintendo.com 

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piggychan posted 28/09/2008, 04:12
really great game in the Soldier series which is quite popular in japan.

This game can get very tough and lots of sprites on screen. has great music too.
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