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Shining and the Darkness


Climax Entertainment / Sonic! Software Planning



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03/28/91 Sega
03/29/91 Sega
07/12/91 Sega

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Oh lordy! The evil Dark Sol has kidnapped the Princess Jessa, and your dad, Mortdred, into the bargain! Unless Dark Sol receives the keys to the kingdom of Thornwood, those hostage-types will never be seen again.

This might sound a bit nasty, but it's actually quite a stroke of luck for you, who, being a brave knight, can charge your own price for the Princess' safe return. So pausing only to get tooled up at the village and track down a couple of pals to help, you set out towards Dark Sol's labyrinth to seek revenge and, hopefully, mega-spondoolicks.

What entails from here is a first-person perspective role-playing game, utilising a simple point-and-click menu system to issue commands. Combat is a matter of choosing whether to cast spells (if you can) or attack with a weapon, and hoping you don't get hit in return! Can you rescue the Princess before Dark Sol is crowned king of Thornwood?

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richardhutnik posted 01/03/2009, 04:27
It is back as part of the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection on the PS3 and 360.
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oliist posted 02/12/2008, 05:41
Deleted. :)
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oliist posted 20/05/2008, 11:58
The picture in the middle of the upper row is from Shining Force and not from Shining in the Darkness.
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Schwarz posted 11/01/2008, 07:53
At its time a very good dungeon crawler.
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