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Dead Moon: Tsuki Sekai no Akumu

デッドムーン 月世界の悪夢





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01/01/92 Turbo Technologies
02/22/91 Natsume
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Back in the heyday of the TurboGrafx-16 there seemed to be no end to the number of games gamers could choose from.  One lucky result of this was an onslaught of shoot 'em up titles that kept itchy trigger fingers happy all through the early nineties.  Many great shooters were born during this time and hidden amongst the gamut of games were a few gems that were loved and treasured by those lucky enough to pick a copy up.  Dead Moon was one of these games.  Now this awesome side-scrolling shooter is available on Wii™ Virtual Console™!

200 years after humans began their exploration of space they began monitoring a comet on a collision course with Earth.  When the comet destroyed the probes sent out to analyze it, the people of Earth decided to take the same action that most civilized, technologically advanced and rational species would adopt.  We shot a bunch of missiles at it.  The good news was that the comet dodged the missiles and missed its impact with our planet.  The bad news?  Then it smacked into the moon, disgorged its alien hordes, and began a full scale invasion of the Earth!

Now you, a lone fighter pilot, must travel from the earth, through space, to the very core of the moon itself in order to do what any civilized, technologically advanced, rational species would do in such a situation.  Blow those aliens to kingdom come!  Like most shooters you must collect power-ups to enhance your weapons.  However, in Dead Moon with every level your weapons advance your ship increases the amount of hits it can withstand from enemy fire.  Be careful though, this isn't a "get out of a horrible fiery death in a cockpit for free" card, when your ship is hit you lose one level of weapon power and have to collect another power-up to get back up to snuff!  There are also combat aides you can collect like defensive orbs and homing missiles for some extra alien butt-kickin' firepower.  And when things get too tough, you can always fall back on your handy cluster bombs! 

Dead Moon has 6 intense levels chock full of enemies coming from all directions.  It doesn't pay to keep your eyes locked on what's lying ahead in this game.  More often than not, as soon as you forget about protecting your back you'll get a nasty reminder from those pesky aliens.  Don't expect them to take it easy on you either.  Some ships will fire back at you, others will prefer to just ram you!  Use your wits and nerves of steel to battle through multiple mid-bosses to reach the real challenge!  The bosses in this game are undoubtedly one of the best things about it! 

Dead Moon is a precursor to manic shooters of today, and there are times that the number of various enemies on the screen can become wonderfully overwhelming.  These moment of shooter bliss are what make Dead Moon a must-have game for all shooter fans, and an awesome title to add to your Virtual Console™ collection!  Download Dead Moon today!


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