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05/28/92 Sega
05/29/92 Sega
01/01/92 Sega

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Wide Side is the newest game in town.  All the kids are wild to play it.  It's a machine that surrounds you with flame-belching, body-snatching monsters.  Step inside and it's just you against the madness.  It's fast, dangerous and almost impossible to beat.  One other thing - it's a kid eater!

Until Kid Chameleon takes charge.  He bursts open blocks, finds helmets and Blam! - he transforms into a brick-smashing Berzerker. Crunch! He's a buzzing Micromax, hacking Maniaxe, or jet-powered Skycutter.  By bashing blocks, he builds up superpowers for the monster-mash ahead!

Crabuloids, Skull Chompers, Killer Slime! Kid Chameleon wipes 'em out with hair-raising leaps. He scrambles up walls, skates across ceilings and squeezes through excape holes. With more than 1,850 screens, 103 levels, and loads of secret paths, there's always a way out.  And they all lead to the lair of the Elsewhere Evilmeister, Heady Metal!

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Many of the kids playing Wild Side, the newest game in town, are disappearing. Heady Metal, the game's villain, is capturing them left and right. Only Kid Chameleon, the coolest kid around, can foil Heady Metal and his gang of gruesome thugs!

"Wild Side" ist das neue Spiel, nach dem alle verrückt sind. Merkwürdigerweise verschwinden jedoch neuerdings alle Kinder, die an diesem Spiel teilnehmen. Heady Matal, der Bösewicht des Spiels, fängt sie einfach weg - von allen Seiten her. Es gibt nur einen Jungen in der Stadt, der es mit Heady Metal und seiner Verbrecherbande aufnehmen kann: Kid Chameleon!

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